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Island of Death: Demons and Despair

Average Rating 19 player reviews ( 3.5 out of 5.0 )

Save yourself from the island!

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Game Description

When they decided to spend their honeymoon on a wonderful island, Natalie and John did not suspect that some terrible experiments would be conducted on them. Just as they arrived on the mysterious island, demons broke out and attacked the island’s inhabitants, infecting them with some sort of mysterious disease. Fortunately, Natalie for some reason managed to avoid infection and now she must find the means of curing John and saving the island.

-Moody and atmospheric settings.
-A lot of mini-games to challenge you along the way.
-Find the cure and save yourself!

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  • by anonymous on Aug 07, 2014

    brilliant game really enjoy your hidden object games See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Jan 22, 2014

    I thought this game was awesome, and I had no problems with it at all. The storyline is a little different, you still have zombie type people trying to kill you, but the cause is biological instead of supernatural. LOL The graphics are very well done, and the hidden objects are fairly easy to find. The instructions are very helpful, and the hint charges very quickly. Of course, I played the casual mode, not the normal or advanced. I do not listen to games, so thats up to you. Overall I thought this was a great way to exercise the brain cells, another on my growing wish list. See more See less

  • by carrolannf on Nov 10, 2013

    All I can say is this was one tripy game. Just wait till you come to the butter dish and you will know what I mean. ha ha ha See more See less

  • by Auntiemoi on Jul 19, 2013

    This game froze my screen BIG time! I guess it will be rereleased next week as a "Collector's edition!" See more See less

  • by ElizaD04 on Jul 06, 2013

    Game play was OK but as noted by others this was definitely someone who either didn't have an excellent grasp of English or didn't proof the game well. Storyline OK although if she saved her husband why not the rest of them? Just me I guess. Game kept going to a black screen several times. I shut it down and went back in and it played fine for awhile until the next time. With the issues and the weird naming of items I would have been OK skipping this game. See more See less

  • by xshelton on Jun 01, 2013

    the game was slow and it started to put me to sleep 15 min in See more See less

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