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Jane Angel: Templar Mystery

Average Rating 50 player reviews ( 3.5 out of 5.0 )

Go on a quest for the grail!

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Game Description

As Jane Angel Templar Mystery opens, we learn that The Knights Templar were formed during the crusades to guard sacred places and holy objects. Their power and wealth grew, and in 1307, Philip IV of France disbanded the Knights and seized their store of holy treasures - including the Holy Grail - which have since been lost though history.

Until now...

Join FBI agent Jane Angel as she investigates what starts out as a routine case of medieval coin smuggling, but will soon lead her around the world in search of the missing treasures of the Knights Templar. Could she actually find the Holy Grail? All your questions will be answered in Jane Angel Templar Mystery!

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  • by BiddyCat on May 05, 2014

    Overall it wasn't bad. Loved the moving screen with the faging and darkening of objects to find.Just so people know a switcher is a ticket.A loupe is a magnifying glass.A lighter is a flashlight. I replayed this game so I could play Part 2. Enjoy See more See less

  • by badtab1 on Dec 19, 2012

    I liked the game. But i quit playing cause the avertisments kept coming in every 1 min. im ok with them cause you can play the games for free. But this one, the ads came in to fast. im use to them coming up every 3 mins or more. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Sep 19, 2012

    overall the game was very dissapointing i played the game 2-3 minutes and the commerials would come on maybe 2 minutes long i got tired of just sitting there waiting for the game so i could play i deleated it because everyone who would play this game in my family would complain about all the commercials the other games i download don't have that many why this one See more See less

  • by hyperapril on Sep 16, 2011

    Liked the game. Liked panning the scene for items. Good graphics. See more See less

  • by xtramail on Jul 01, 2011

    Do they even make HOGs without 8 legged bugs in them?! Didn't even get past the tutorial. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jun 26, 2011

    great game...easy enough for those of us who aren't PROS at this...plus there is variety...not doing same old same old....and the hint button recharges fast enough to not sit there forever...this is a free game..and if you play it on IWIN free you will get an ad every 2 and half minutes..which is annoying... See more See less

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