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Jessica's Cupcake Cafe

Average Rating 50 player reviews ( 2.8 out of 5.0 )

Conquer the world with cupcakes!

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Game Description

As Jessica's Cupcake Cafe opens, Aunt Margaret's bakery is in serious danger of going out of business, but all the ingredients to sweet success are here. Help Jessica in this tasty time management adventure as she takes control and grows her aunt's small cafe into a deliciously successful empire cupcake empire. Everyone loves cupcakes, and you will love Jessica's Cupcake Cafe!

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  • by Griddlebone on Apr 23, 2013

    Time management games annoy me. You often have to do totally stupid things to streamline your motion, such as clearing a table of garbage and serving a customer at the same time. Yuck! But there was none of that in this game. Once I started designing my own cupcakes and getting into a rhythm, it was fairly easy, but exciting, to win gold on every level. The recipes sound yummy too! My biggest complaint is that I had to re-set my screen resolution after every session of gameplay. Occasionally the game would seize up, but it was fine after exiting and re-entering. If it doesn't work with Vista, I'd blame Microsoft. Vista is an embarrassment. All in all, this was a fun way to waste some time. Warning - it will make you want a cupcake! See more See less

  • by Babsie1441 on Mar 24, 2013

    I probably would have given this game a higher rating if it continued to play smoothly throughout gameplay. However, near the middle levels it started to freeze up on me. The problem became more troublesome as I progressed through the game. That's a shame. I was truely enjoying it until then. See more See less

  • by sxymom4460 on Mar 21, 2013

    This would have actually been a really good game but it would freeze after a few minutes and there was nothing that could be done to get it to go forward , tried reinstalling but no change. If the bugs are ever worked out this would be a really cute game to pass the time with. See more See less

  • by Karolyneb2 on Sep 09, 2012

    Love the graphics, and the brain challenge Sound blah. Game play really messed up!!! This is supposed to be a free game with commercials. From past experience the commercials in other free games popped up every 6 or 7 minutes. But, come on commercial POP UPS EVERY 30 SCONDS. How do I know? I timed it with the timer in my cell phone. EVERY 30 SECONDS -- REALLY? How is this a free trial? I submitted a Help Ticket and was told to buy the game. They did not even address the issue of the time frame of the commercial pop up. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON HERE? See more See less

  • by wyntirrose on Jul 12, 2012

    This looks like it should have been a very fun game, unfortunately I could not play a proper free trial as the ads kept popping up every minute! Without a proper trial of this game I will not purchase it, especially given the other reviews mentioning issues with the game freezing. See more See less

  • by nelldar09 on Jul 09, 2012

    I liked this game, similar to Cake Mania.Played trial on other site. Downloaded free version, no sound and ads came on every 30 seconds then game would freeze. I could not play, very dissappointed. It is a great game if you can get it to work. See more See less

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