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Jewel Match: Winter Wonderland

Average Rating 9 player reviews ( 3.2 out of 5.0 )

Align holiday jewels to break their frozen boxes

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Game Description

This delightful matching game will have you aligning jewels and smashing ice boxes before you know it! Line up matching holiday jewels to break them out of their frozen boxes. The 150 levels and relaxing holiday soundtrack will keep you coming back. You'll have a hard time breaking this holiday habit, but you'll be well matched!

-150 Soothing Levels
-Two Game Modes: Regular and Relaxed
-Relaxing Holiday Music
-Wield the Hammer to Make a Perfect Match!

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  • by ParkWalker on Dec 09, 2013

    Again, with the interruptions and no way to turn off help. This is very annoying. Match games are easy to play, the help should be put in the main menu but there needs to be a function to turn off help during game play! That's half the fun of it is figuring it out! The black heart things are also really creepy, so I just deleted this game. Not very good, not very christmas-y except for the music. Please take note of this programmers! We are smart players, don't treat us like idiots. See more See less

  • by 2Girlsinacar on Feb 21, 2013

    Could be better if there was a goal.No bonuses, nothing to work for like 2. What's the point? See more See less

  • by faerydust@ff on Feb 11, 2013

    I found the gameplay very boring just level after level of removing tiles with no real objective. Also, the game encountered a problem and stopped working after only 10 minutes. I wouldn't suggest anyone buy this game. See more See less

  • by azjans2 on Feb 08, 2013

    I'm having wonderful time with this game. The timing is weird being released in Feb instead of holiday time, but the ornaments tinkle as they fall and that's rather pleasant. (I do turn off the music on all my games when I play.) If you like Match 3, you'll enjoy this and there are some interesting challenges. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Feb 07, 2013

    My first question was Why is this being released in Feb. and not the holiday season? It was ok game for match 3. I agree it did get a bit boring. It did seem like it was an old game being brought in as new. I have old pc and cannot load the newer games due to file size and disk space I have, which yes I need a trip to computer store, but this one loaded very fast for my old pc. It would be good game for kids as it is slow, but I did see in the options it offered slow pc, I did not look to see what it was since I was playing one hour trial, but seems it must have something to do with pc speed. See more See less

  • by samiam1257 on Feb 05, 2013

    Although it IS a pretty good game as far as Match 3's. But...this is one of the VERY FIRST games I played on a VERY OLD pc. YES...this game is very old I am wondering why iWin is bringing it back like it's NEW See more See less

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