Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur - Collector's Edition

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Go back in time with Emma, Rupert, and Sebastian in a breathtaking and romantic adventure!

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  • by lauragav75 on Aug 24, 2012

    I've played all the Jewel Quest games, and I don't agree that this one is not up to the others. I've now finished the first chapter, and there have already been some tough mini-games. The Jewel Boards are getting harder also. It is a forgiving game, in that the HOG scenes are not terribly tough, and hints are available. There is a timer on some of the jewel boards, but you can buy extra time. Mini-games are infinitely resettable and skippable. To me, the mix of puzzles, match-3 boards with unusual features, and attractive HOG and "fix the mechanism" scenes hits the spot. I don't mind the somewhat excessive dialog, and the less than stellar story. Not the perfect game for the action addict, for sure, but a nice relaxing game for a more laid-back player, except for a few of those frustrating mini-games I never want to skip! See more See less

  • by webgrandma on Jul 25, 2012

    Probably the worst Jewlel Quest game currently available. Hated it. See more See less

  • by pwyman0318 on Jun 24, 2012

    I got to a puzzle that has a lamp at the bottom. You can't get rid of it, can't win the level and can't go on. Very frustrating. Anyone know how to get of the darn lamp? See more See less

  • by abat973 on May 21, 2012

    Very disappointing game. The HOG aspect was bad. It was interesting seeing how it all began, how Sebastian fell out with Rupert and became an enemy but not enough to pay 2,000 coins for. I'll wait for the SE and see how it turns out. See more See less

  • by rugbygrlmel on May 20, 2012

    I'm a big fan of everything Jewel Quest, however, this one left me scratching my head. It was VERY short and extremely easy. Jewel quest has seemed to let me down more and more with each of its new releases. See more See less

  • by f137 on May 17, 2012

    I love the JQ games, especially 2 and 3 which are strictly match-3. This one has way too many hidden objects and puzzles that are difficult to figure out how to solve. Also the entire game seemed too short - expected more levels. Have to say, I was a bit disappointed. See more See less

  • by silverb0t on Apr 25, 2012

    I cannot get enough Jewel Quest, this game is rad. See more See less

  • by Mookky1995 on Apr 22, 2012

    This Mysteries game is good game but I don't like graphics in jewel board games.This game is no time limit to play every level.I like Hidden Object game. See more See less

  • by sil067 on Apr 20, 2012

    My favorite remains Jewel Quest III. Heritage was good, but the monkeys drove me nuts. Don't get me wrong, as my gaming pals know, I'm a HOG fanatic, but I really don't understand why the creators would take a perfectly good Match 3 format and muck it up with HO scenes. Please, even we HOG addicts need a break now and again, and this one didn't do it. No sale. See more See less

  • by honey744 on Apr 13, 2012

    Not nearly worth the price. The other JQ games were much more effective costwise. Will be much more discerning before purchasing another. See more See less