Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon -- Collector's Edition

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Discover the secret behind the elusive Sapphire Dragon!

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  • by fbialas1 on May 25, 2012

    So disappointed in how this series has progressed. III was challenging and so much fun. IV was my favorite - so difficult, but not impossible. Finished it 3 times. Five was a huge disappointment. So easy. Same with the latest - Sapphire Dragon. What is the reason why these games have been getting easier? I liked the challenge of the older games. I guess I'll keep playing them and stop buying the new ones in the series that came out. Too bad. Enough of all the junk inbetween boards, too. Who buys this game for that? Buy a book instead. See more See less

  • by mastersdk on Jan 31, 2012

    I cain't get past the part with the submarine. it has a symble go up the left side in about 20 moves, but to clear the page needs about 70 moves See more See less

  • by kingkar on Jan 30, 2012

    I love this game, and It's interresting to choose the difficult See more See less

  • by edy74 on Jan 28, 2012

    Very disappointed in this game. Where are the hidden objects? What I liked about the other Jewel quest games was they had both match 3 and hidden objects. If I new then what I know now I would not buy this game. See more See less

  • by sandwill52 on Jan 27, 2012

    Great game for once. I hope this comes out right computer did a hic up and lost my review. See more See less

  • by aprilclove on Jan 25, 2012

    Really liked the game. Hard to find a Match 3 game I haven't already played to the very end. This is a good one. Highly recommend. See more See less

  • by crinck on Jan 24, 2012

    I am a pretty big fan of the other games in the series, but I don't like how the graphics and the story line take up most of the game itself. Plus the story line seemed to be kind of typical action hero type characters. I would rather just get to the boards and play. By the time I managed to get into one board and play, I had been frustrated enough to just delete it from my computer even tho I bought it. The other games in the series seem to be better quality and more board oriented. The boards were fun but challenging. I will probably not get another in the series. Sorry. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 15, 2012

    I am a jewel quest fan but was very disappointed in this one. I was able to get 5 stars on almost every board the first time -- not nearly challenging enough and nothing original. See more See less

  • by Base49 on Dec 29, 2011

    This is a great game for Jewel Quest lovers.Gives a great variety and keeps you going. See more See less

  • by jlea4win on Nov 26, 2011

    Really disappointed after playing the Jewel Quest III. This game was so easy I almost finished in the free hour. Graphics sucked. I will wait for the free ad version to finish the game. See more See less