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Average Rating 6 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

Hours of easy breezy puzzle fun!

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Game Description

Welcome to Jigsaw World! Imagine opening a box of puzzle pieces only to find out it contained not one but 60 puzzles! That's what you'll get when you play Jigsaw World, a game packed with hours of easy breezy puzzle fun. Choose jigsaw puzzles from a selection of six gorgeous themes and then piece them together using your mouse. Assemble blossoms so colorful they seem to pop off your computer screen and scenery so beautiful you'll wish you were there!

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  • by luvgames64 on May 26, 2013

    Brilliant game...I did the first puzzle and it was so easy I did it in about 20 secs so thought I'd go for a hard one...crikey I just couldn't do it without massive cheating, but I really enjoyed it...I'm now doing easish ones, cos I prefer them lol...but there are jigsaws for beginers like me and also for hardened jigsaw adicts...I'm going to get many hours of fun with this game. See more See less

  • by amanmb on Dec 06, 2010

    A marvelous puzzle game. Very relaxing with great capabilities to make it as easy or as difficult as you wish. This game has given me many hours of pleasure. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Nov 09, 2010

    Is easy to set up and play. Gives almost unlimited play with the rotation and number of pieces choice. Fun. See more See less

  • by nn1997 on May 06, 2010


  • by anonymous on Apr 29, 2009

    When it comes to Jigsaw games, to me it's a lot more fun doing the "swap" puzzle types, rather than playing games which are trying to imitate a real jigsaw puzzle. There's one called Jig Swap puzzle that's great, only they don't offer to let you import your own picture, and the easy-medium-hard options are all very easy. But I like the idea of swapping square shaped pieces w/ your mouse that light up when you have it right....Kinda a new, fun twist on an older idea. See more See less

  • by pappyjack7 on Nov 04, 2008

    This is a great game if you like jigsaw puzzles. It goes from very easy to oh wow this is driving me crazy. It can be very hard-darn near impossible. My only complaint is that I could use more room to spread out the puzzle pieces. See more See less

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