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Jodie Drake & the World in Peril

Average Rating 25 player reviews ( 3.5 out of 5.0 )

Travel to 6 continents!

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Game Description

Travel the world with Jodie, and discover ancient treasures hidden in long forgotten ruins! Explore six continents in this classic hidden object adventure. Featuring beautifully rendered graphics and immersive sound effects, treat your self to hours of vintage game-play fun!

Can you help Jodie stop the evil professor Bergen?

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  • by kcarl49 on Apr 16, 2012

    just finished playing in all access. Enjoyed game very much. The game contained different aspects than the usual HOG. Liked the taking pictures. Sound was good. Graphics good too. Game play kept interested until the very end, which very few games do. Are there any more of Jodie Drake games out there? Would like to play more. Thank you Iwin for a very overall pleasant experience. See more See less

  • by nancemlloyd on Sep 12, 2011

    tis OVER and OVER again...hard to see items with no real meaning..what do you do with this time after time picking out things that don't make sense???so very dark in places...if there was a button there ..even with a magnifying glass I would have missed it...not even fun for just plain old HIDE and seek.... See more See less

  • by bmartire1 on Apr 02, 2011

    The game downloaded w/out difficulty, but the graphics of the cut scenes and the main characters were VERY lame. Altogether rather boring. See more See less

  • by HisChild75 on Feb 06, 2011

    This was probably one of the lamest HOGs I've ever played. From the very start it was reptitive to the point of boredom, but I said with 3 stars it must get better as you go along. WRONG! The only dialog was in the cut scenes which is ridiculous these days. If you are going to have dialog, then have it all the way through. I never rate sound because I turn it off. There was a standard format to each chapter with 12 sections in each chapter. Same puzzles repeat themselves over and over. Some screens were so shrunk, covered, or lighted to hide objects that you had to use hints or fall asleep. The only puzzle with difficulty was the last one. If you get this game, go to Gamezebo and get the walk through before you do this puzzle! You can't start it over and if you change the starting positions and don't nail it first try you might as well use the skip option. I can't think of anything good to say other than it was an easy and relaxing way to zone out for a few hours. See more See less

  • by bb1951 on Jan 25, 2011

    I thought this trial was cool. The different puzzles are a nice twist. Not an ordinary HOG! See more See less

  • by rose0513 on Jan 23, 2011

    Great graphics and overall game play was good. Unfortunately, way too many cut scenes for my taste. Sound was average for this type of game. My five year old kept up with the story and played it well. All in all I give it a three. See more See less

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