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King's Smith

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Blacksmith for the King!

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Game Description

Who says a woman can't be a blacksmith? Well, pretty much everyone, except your grandfather. He's a master smith, and is willing to take you on as an apprentice in King's Smith.
Travel around the kingdom, visit different villages and meet new challenges as you learn the art of blacksmith as you take old armor and weapons and make them new again so you can sell them for a nice profit. Make a name for yourself, and you may just find yourself working as the King's Smith!

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  • by AnthonysMom08 on Oct 03, 2010

    I played the secound one first so the graphics where laughable! Other then that the game was entertaining. I had to turn the sound off but I usually do anyway. Overall this game was fun, they should put it in with the free games though because I don't think I would spend the money to buy it. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 24, 2010

    hope this V1 of a few upgrades to come. graphics are very early 90's but the concept is good. I will play it for a while to come. See more See less

  • by manky3 on Apr 23, 2010

    I love this game. I played it through at least 4times. It has a cute comix graphics, however I would prefer more serious one. Music is nice to listen but more various sounds would be nice. Gameplay is really nice. I encountered no lag as other reviewer mentioned and I have normal computer. It is not a quick and hectic TM as many others. It tells the story each level and be prepared to play each level for about 10-15mins and not 3. To summarize it. I like the story set in middle-age blacksmith environment and the relax speed of this TM. More of these See more See less

  • by Krennia on Apr 06, 2010

    I loved this game! I thought it was fun and cute and just a great way to pass the time. It's simple and a great time management game. See more See less

  • by Natasha738 on Jan 16, 2010

    the game lag is horrible. The idea of the game is good but it is hard to play with the lag. See more See less

  • by Meldandy on Dec 10, 2009

    How I dislike this game, let me count the ways! I can forgive the garish colors and primitive style of the graphics. The music was soothingly repetitive. However the screen lag was unforgiveable, especially on a game this small. It took 15 minutes to load the game and play the first tutorial level. That's too darn slow. The mouse interface was twitchy and imprecise, a killer for games of this sort. I really wanted to like this game, based on other people's reviews, but it has too many strikes against it and will likely wind up in the Free Bin soon. See more See less

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