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Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten

Average Rating 20 player reviews ( 3.9 out of 5.0 )

Can you escape the gods and their hostile island home with life and limb intact?

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Game Description

You awaken shipwrecked on an unknown, seemingly uninhabited island, held hostage by powers beyond your understanding. Mysterious islanders lurk in the lush landscape. Their dark gods crave human sacrifices – and fate, or just bad luck, has delivered you to them. The race is on to find a way to lift the curse that marks you as their next victim!

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  • by redbeccaz1 on Feb 17, 2013

    OVerall I enjoyed this one. What I didn't care for were the HO scenes where one object was used to interact with another object with no seeming logic. Towards the end of the game the HO scenes became more like the devs wanted to force the player to touch each and every object in the scene to find anything. The story line was rather vague to me. I did like the hints saying a scene was finished ot there was nothing else to be done at the moment. See more See less

  • by BiddyCat on Feb 28, 2012

    For those of u that have problems with computer locken up and freezen up get your PCU updated or buy new one lots of games didn't work on my older puter did same things got a new one . No problems at all. Because your computer won't play them them don't downgrade the games it lowers there ratings and You didn't play the game. I thought this game was fun lots of things to do and think about. It's an action adventure what do you people think that means. Enjoyed it alot. Need more of this kind. See more See less

  • by audball1 on Feb 12, 2012

    so far I quite like this game, not too hard and hint button helps,nice graphics,I dont play with sound,can skip the mini games,so I bought this game See more See less

  • by jleavitt on Feb 11, 2012

    I really liked this game until the sandcastle sceen. Get no response to hint, or to inventory egg spoon, hairdryer. See more See less

  • by tinky7184 on Feb 11, 2012

    I loved this game. Great interactive game. Mini games were different and some were difficult but you could skip if needed. Also liked HO scenes, you had to put pieces together in some to get object. Great gameplay and not a short game either. Have fun and enjoy this one. I did. See more See less

  • by LRLane on Feb 08, 2012

    I got up to where she escaped last night and logged off. I tried to start the game today, and kept getting a game.inf error. Uninstalled, and installing again. My system meets the requirements,so not sue what the issue is. Had to ctr-alt-del to get out game, but did not have to restart my system. See more See less

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