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Luxor 3

Average Rating 44 player reviews ( 4.8 out of 5.0 )

The Battle for Eternal Afterlife Begins!

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Game Description

A brave young Pharaoh, killed prematurely by a fierce sandstorm and embodied by the gods as a skillful scarab, must battle the powerful god of Chaos, Set, to free the essences of other Egyptian gods contained within colorful magical spheres. Stop the procession of approaching spheres as they journey through the maze by matching three or more. Call upon the gods, denoted by color, to release specific power-ups and purchase upgrades with Ankh coins collected during gameplay. Free all the gods from captivity before they reach the pyramid at the end of their path, or all is forever lost.

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  • by anonymous on Jul 17, 2011

    this is for sure the worst game ever ashdiashudyhasyudguysagdyasgdytagsdtfgaytsdfas See more See less

  • by 9Zenyatta on Mar 28, 2011

    Yet another great offering from the Luxor series. These games really are addicting. A bargain, too because you can play them over and over and not get bored. See more See less

  • by Birdyval on Dec 01, 2010

    This game is Excellent! I downloaded it from "free games", and I'm really enjoying it. I only have 2 complaints.. 1) Technical difficulties have caused the server to bump me off, and game points were lost. 2)Although for the most part, the graphics are excellent, some of the "fire" scenes make it difficult to see what color the spheres are, hindering good game play. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 31, 2010

    crazyyyy!!!! game through there should be no score limit for buying items!! See more See less

  • by steven3210 on Jul 13, 2010

    this game is easy! i wonder if i play more of this game lol See more See less

  • by fluffy134567890 on Jul 13, 2010

    okay, well i like this game a lot. i do. and i'm 13. so u can pretty much take my word for it. the game has cool graphics and everything. See more See less

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