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Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter

Average Rating 33 player reviews ( 3.9 out of 5.0 )

Embark on a thrilling rescue mission in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter!

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Game Description

Embark on a thrilling rescue mission in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter! The town of the Cyclops appears for a single day once every three hundred years, on an island lost to cartographers. On this Day of Alignment, the town rises and sets with the midsummer sun. As the Margrave saga nears its devastating conclusion, Edwina Margrave embarks on a rescue mission into the town. Her only chance of escape is to return life to the arcane machines, and hope to the sole survivor of an ancient war, in Margrave: The Blacksmith’s Daughter. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime: the legacy of an entire civilization depends upon your cunning and compassion.

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  • by haguey1 on Oct 11, 2013

    love the game had no problem with loading and the game didn't freeze at all See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Sep 24, 2013

    This game is awesome!!! My only problem is I am terrified of cyclops, always have been. But I put "my big girl panties on", and played the trial. The gameplay is fairly easy to figure out, while still managing to remain challenging. The hints recharge quickly, the strategy guide was helpful without making it too easy, or simply a walk-thru, (I played casual). I do not listen to games, so I can only assume it is very good also. Overall the only problem I had with this game is the cyclops thing, lol. I would think twice when playing with small children around. See more See less

  • by Echosohce on Sep 23, 2013

    Excellent Game!!!! It really keeps you on your toes and is very interesting. Great game play and graphics. See more See less

  • by shokahoka on Sep 22, 2013

    This could have been a really superior game, but it keeps locking up. For some finsihing the game/story may not be important but to me it is the prime purpose. See more See less

  • by suesouix on Sep 20, 2013

    Cute idea for an HOG but nothing special. The game did freeze twice, but I was able to complete it. A lot of running around and you are not able to move in the usual way by using the map. See more See less

  • by kawika61 on Jun 14, 2013

    The best Margrave Manor game ever! I had NO issues with freezing, so it is your computers that can't handle the game! If you don't like going back and forth,then hidden object games with a STORY LINE aren't for you, because those types of H.O. games have a lot of moving around. Very stunning visuals and brilliant story line. Not "hard" at all. "AND" if you use your brain it is a VERY easy game to play. At least for ME it is See more See less

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