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Mind Snares: Alice's Journey

Average Rating 7 player reviews ( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

Help Alice destroy her demons and find her way home.

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Game Description

Alice Dahl is a 35-year-old office worker. Alice does not like her job, but is unable to give it up because she is paralyzed by fear. While rushing to a meeting with her next client she is involved an accident, in which her car careens into a river.

After the accident, she wakes up in a strange place, at first looks like a hospital... until it begins to transform into something else, something much stranger. It is in this place, out of this world, Alice will have to face her fears from the past, to see how much she has lost in her life. It is a very daunting task, but it is the only chance, perhaps her last, to achieve a happy life.

-5 different game worlds.
-Unique storyline
-A journey through the human subconscious
-Attractive graphics and mini-games.

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  • by keyser13 on May 02, 2014

    Great HOG game. Good Story. If you couldn't figure which way to go the hint helped and you didn't lose the hint. Didn't have sound on. Not to easy and not to hard. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 03, 2014

    Very surprised to get such a great game in all access. Excellent graphics, great storyline. Mini games were perfect. One of the best! Keep it up iWin!!!! See more See less

  • by kitkat4u68 on Apr 03, 2014

    Great game. Perfect length of time. Interesting puzzles without being too hard. Good HO scenes. Nice to have a map and the option to choose level of difficulty. The only reason I didn't give this game 5 stars is because I'm not keen on the sinister/horror theme that seems to be so common in these HO adventures. See more See less

  • by BiddyCat on Apr 02, 2014

    Overall a good game play..But the ending sucked. was expecting more then was there. You go thru a door with white haze and she says ..This is how it began. Duhhh really. Why did he want the book from the coffin??? this game leaves you with questions like who was he and why she was there??I got lost somewhere in the story. See more See less

  • by smith451 on Apr 02, 2014

    I found this a quite good HOG. The HOG scenes are usually quite clear and you rarely need a hint to find all the objects. You do need to carefully search every scene more than once to find where the cursor changes shape and get the other hidden objects. Some of the challenges are quite challenging but others are quite easy. The game has 3 levels of difficulty so it should appeal to most people. The only reason I marked game play down is that you do need to move about a lot. The hint will take you to the next place you must search and once there you can search on your own. I didn't like the music so I turned it down. The rest of the sound is quite appropriate and necessary. See more See less

  • by clarityb on Apr 01, 2014

    If you like moving back and forth from location to location to find things, this is for you. If you're impatient and like pressing the hint often to let you know where to go next, instead of clicking aimlessly, this game will point you in the right direction. If you like dark and creepy, you're good to go. If you don't mind the weirdness of finding things like glue hidden in a clock, then this won't bother you. If you're going to like watching the main character get enough courage to finally change her life, go for it. I guess I've played too many of these type of games because I was so bored after half an hour, I just wanted to quit. I uninstalled this, mostly because I'm looking for innovation nowadays and this was a been-there, done-that, ho hum for me. It's a huge download though, so it will probably give you a lot of game for your money. This is an individual choice game as too much depends on what your taste is. For me, it's a pass. See more See less

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