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Namco All-Stars -- Pac-Man

Average Rating 21 player reviews ( 4.1 out of 5.0 )

The arcade classic is now for your PC!

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Game Description

PAC-MAN, the world famous arcade classic, returns in this faithful rendition for your PC! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding pesky ghosts while chompin’ on dots and gobbling up fruit for bonus points? Relive the retro arcade action! Play Classic Arcade mode, featuring all the original arcade graphics you know and love, or check out the new Enhanced Mode with updated graphics and sounds! Play through all 256 dot-chomping levels and test your skills with all-new stats!

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  • by anniecan1 on Dec 31, 2012

    Fun going back to PacMan. I love it. A little hard to getting hang of using the mouse. Thanks for the memories IWin. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Feb 19, 2011

    well...I dont really like it that much... the graphics and sound were horrible but i loved the gameplay i give it a 4 out of 5 stars See more See less

  • by cybertrader on Oct 07, 2010

    Pac Man was great....but to buy I would want Dr. Mario, Centipede, Galaga in a bundle, maybe Donkey Kong or Star Gate. It is fun for an evening of enjoying my age, but, I don't want to go there every night ! See more See less

  • by natty1970 on Aug 17, 2010

    Controls are bad, tied with the house and arrow keys, pac mam would not respond fast enouph. Not like the arcade, this games sucks See more See less

  • by clayton1966 on Aug 14, 2010

    Talk about a blast from the past. Couldn't have found a better game to bring back. Well except for maybe Space Invaders. But THIS game sure ate a lot of my quarters back in the day. Great game. But I don't think it's worth a full price. maybe if bundled with some others from the past like centipede and asteriods. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Aug 10, 2010


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