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Nearwood Collector's Edition

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

The fate of the magical world is in your hands - free it from evil!

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Game Description

Can a young woman single-handedly change the fate of a magical kingdom? Set out on a voyage with Jane Lockwood into a mysterious world of danger and adventure, into a whirlwind of magic and wonder! As you encounter a host of unusual and amusing creatures and help them in their troubles, you will inch closer and closer to your final goal – finding Jane's long-lost parents, all the while freeing the great and wise Time Keepers from the grip of oblivion. Find out why time came to a standstill, and drive the ancient evil out of Nearwood once and for all! Bring back peace and quiet to the land! Save Nearwood!

-An exciting bonus chapter!
-Beautiful desktop wallpapers
-Concept art

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  • by rubywine on Feb 14, 2015

    Don't miss out on this one! I'm truly mystified as to why there aren't more reviews of this game. It's one of the best I've played on iWin. It's a thoroughly fun, fantastical game that charms you right from the beginning. The graphics are lush, crisp, and colorful. Even the video lead-in to the game is enthralling. Hints and skips are plentiful and charge quickly. There are even some cute little creatures called sharp-see' s that you can collect in each scene. They aren't necessary to the game, but it's fun to look for them. The HO scenes are different in that you'll be looking for shapes to construct items you'll need to perform various tasks. I was glad they had a bonus chapter, since I didn't want the game to end. The main character is a woman and there are other people in the game, so it's not all fairy-tale creatures. It's a fun mix of both, which makes the game enjoyable for adults and kids alike. So jump in and take a tumble down the rabbit hole, you'll be glad you did. See more See less

  • by keyser13 on May 02, 2014

    I liked this game. The reason I didn't rate it was because I couldn't at the time. iWin had problems with downloading the rating. I thought the graphics were fantastic!!! Story were pretty good. Didn't have sound on. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 14, 2014

    This game had way too much back and forth. It was very distracting. Also, the game is listed as a hidden object game, but there were a few times to find hidden shapes. Not what I would call a hidden object game. I thought some of the mini games were very hard so I found myself skipping most of them. The graphics were good as was the sound which was soothing. See more See less

  • by lisa-2011 on Jan 10, 2014

    I can't believe this game has not been reviewed yet! One of the best releases to come out in quite awhile. The game starts out as the usual type of game and story, but quickly veers into a sharp left into lala land, lol. You encounter some cute, quirky characters along the way on your journey. Interesting magical and adventurous storyline. The graphics and sound are outstanding. Such smooth game play, too. Even the opening scene "cruising" down the river was awesome, lol. Played the trial for about 10 minutes before I decided that I need to buy it. Can't wait to finish this journey! Very good game, enjoy! See more See less