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Phantasmat: Crucible Peak Collector's Edition

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

Find secrets buried under an avalanche of snow in this anticipated sequel!

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Game Description

A disastrous avalanche... an evacuation... and mysterious residents who turn cold right before your eyes... literally! In this sequel to the classic hidden-object puzzle adventure game, you’ll find secrets buried under an avalanche of snow in Phantasmat: Crucible Peak. You planned for years to ski the Alps, but your dream vacation turns into a nightmare when you stumble upon a resort town, lost five years ago in an avalanche. Uncover the mystery of what happened here. Did anyone ever really survive?

Collector's Edition Features

-More secrets in the bonus game to uncover
-Re-playable mini-games and cut scenes
-Downloadable soundtrack
-Wallpapers, screensavers and concept art
-Integrated Strategy Guide

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  • by Buffykat on Apr 28, 2013

    To Anonymous...if it was the game and ONLY the game, it would be happenning to all of us, which it isn't. This page is for rating the game. If you can't PLAY it then please don't RATE it! This game should have a rating of 5 stars right now but is only a 4 bcuz of your low rating. Iwin keeps asking us to PLEASE take our technical problems to SUPPORT, where they will SEE it and can actually do something about it. I understand your frustration but take it where the right people will see it and fix it for you. Just sayin...Buffy See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 27, 2013

    I couldn't get more than about 10 minutes worth!! Iwin is infamous for its "buggy" games,and this one has that problem. My computer has NO issues and is fast and up to date. So it's the GAME itself. WHEN is this issue going to be FIXED, Iwin??!! See more See less

  • by lisa-2011 on Apr 25, 2013

    Played the trial and enjoyed it very much. Good story line and interesting, quirky characters. It is a pretty straight forward adventure game, but has the option to switch to a match 3 game as opposed to and HO scene. Myself, I prefer the HO scenes... The mini-games are pretty good, a bit on the easier side, but fun. Overall, I enjoyed this game very much. The trial play went by way too fast. A possible purchase for me later on down the road. See more See less

  • by leeuwie on Apr 25, 2013

    wonderfull sequence of the Phantasmat series. loved the game. hints are good and quickly filled but you need to search for the things and that is so good about the game it tells you what to do but you need to find the locations for the items. so overall a very good game. See more See less