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Roads of Rome 3

Average Rating 27 player reviews ( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

Help Victorius restore broken roads and settlements!

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Game Description

The Roman Empire is flourishing, everything seems to be quiet and peaceful. Our well-known characters Julia and Victorius are absolutely happy awaiting the birth of their first child, and it looks like there’s nothing threatening the glory of the Great Kingdom. However, one day a messenger arrives in Rome spreading the bad news about Barbarians that are destroying the Roman provinces.  No one but Victorius and his army can resist the enemy and protect Rome from the forthcoming disaster. There is nothing else left out for Victorius, but to set off on a journey to fight the enemy! Be brave and the good luck won't leave you, clear up your way and build roads, help the Romans gain their prosperous and peaceful life back! Restore broken roads and settlements, save the Roman Empire from barbarian invasion!

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  • by omila7@ff on Feb 09, 2013

    I truly enjoyed all parts. And I keep gping back to them. Any chance for Roads of Rome 4? See more See less

  • by soadokdls on Jan 20, 2013

    Overall this game was as expected. I tried on hard first because these games are usually pretty easy. I was able to get expert time on the first 10 levels without a problem and then it definitely got harder. I did not have any issues with not enough gold on level 1.10 as others have mentioned. I don't remember the level that well, but if there is a blue resource bag you should use it when mining gold so you get more. I prefer the Royal Envoy games over this game. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Dec 31, 2012

    To get past the seemingly gold block, make sure you dig thru the rock protecting some gold pockets, also, build up your storehouse as much as you can BEFORE you mine for gold- you'll get plus 1 or 2 every time you collect gold and have plenty of gold! I'm hooked on this game! See more See less

  • by Vonij0918 on Nov 26, 2012

    I love the Roads of Rome games. This one is a bit more challenging than Two but so far I haven't gotten stuck. See more See less

  • by hyperapril on Nov 11, 2012

    Good time management game. Hard to get expert on all levels. Played for a long time trying to be an expert. Graphics were cute. Roads to Rome games are my favorite time management game. See more See less

  • by keyser13 on Oct 24, 2012

    Love these Roads of Rome. Hope there are more. Had sound turned off. This was the only one I had to go to a walkthrough. Got stuck a few times. See more See less

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