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Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition

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Lead the exciting expedition to develop new lands!

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Game Description

South Ocean. HMS "Islandshire" is exploring the white spots on the map. All of a sudden they see new lands! Previously unknown islands contain immense supplies of fish, pearls, troves of ancient pirate treasure and vast deposits of gold. They are also full of mysteries and riddles. Who will crack the intriguing puzzles of the past? Who will lead the expedition to claim and develop these new lands? Will the new lands be part of the Kingdom? Embark on an exciting journey to answer all of these questions.

-Enjoy over 80 challenging levels on 11 islands
-Complete unique quests
-Unlock dozens of achievements
-Incredible new adventures of the royal envoy and his loyal assistant, Cedric
-Collector’s Edition extras: 32 bonus levels and 4 islands, walkthrough, beautiful wallpapers and original soundtrack

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  • by 92marilou on Jun 25, 2014

    Yes, Yes, Yes. Royal Envoy 3 is a gem. Even on the 60 minute trial, I had to do levels 10 and 11 a second time before I could get 3 stars. Many buildings are the same, except for the houses. They are quirky and funny and a great change. It is definitely more challenging that RE2, I am not sure if it's more challenging than the first one yet. But 2 and 3 are faster and that makes them more enjoyable. As in 2, there are only 3 different house to choose from, but I don't think this will take away from the game. I always find the Collector's Edition better, I love having bonus games to play. And for those who prefer a relaxed mode, yes it's here too. The game that has everything. I suggest you download it and try it, it might just keep you hooked LOL See more See less