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Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

Average Rating 50 player reviews ( 3.8 out of 5.0 )

Defeat the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins!

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Game Description

The demons of the Seven Deadly Sins have broken free of their fiery prison and taken up residence in Sacra Terra!  Use your cunning to defeat each demon and rescue humanity from destruction!  As you explore a decaying hospital, unlock the secrets of a medieval abbey, and search eerie catacombs, you'll receive help from a pure spirit known only as Angel.  Who she is and what happened to her is just one of the shocking truths you will uncover as you find well-hidden clues, gather useful items, and solve cleverly designed puzzles!

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  • by Corum99 on Aug 24, 2014

    Unlike other players, I had no problems playing this game. Was a joy to play and definitely has replay value. Graphics were great, sound was pleasant and the plot was intrigueing. A lot of going to and fro, but that kept me ticking. Would recommend it to anyone. See more See less

  • by whathehay on Dec 31, 2013

    Love this game. I enjoyed the numerous quests and puzzles. Cool! See more See less

  • by Loving_Mann on Aug 05, 2013

    I loved it one of the best games on here. I had no problems with the game and i finished it it was very enjoyable!!!! See more See less

  • by TCblue101 on Jun 07, 2013

    It was a really good game. The different task that were needed to move on were fun. Wish it would of been a little longer of a story plot but hey it's free to play so I can't complain. See more See less

  • by ambrosia831 on May 17, 2013

    I loved the game itself and the graphics, but I also got a glitch and couldn't finish the game. I was actually able to get past the glutton demon, but my pruning shears didn't release the step ladder that I needed to proceed. The shears just hang out next to the scene, floating in mid air. I'm really disappointed because I really loved playing this game! See more See less

  • by wendyl71 on Mar 05, 2013

    I really liked this game but I played it a LONG time ago on iwin. Looking for more of this quality, Haven't seen any new quality HOG games in a long time. See more See less

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