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Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls

Average Rating 30 player reviews ( 2.6 out of 5.0 )

Can Sandra Fleming retrieve the skulls from all over the world?

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Game Description

The legendary Crystal Skulls have been lost for centuries. Sandra Fleming is hired to find them for professor Harold Wagner. Will Sandra be able to retrieve the skulls from a volcanic island, the snowy mountains of Nepal or the jungles of Amazon River. Join her on her quest!

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  • by natrgrl6 on Feb 29, 2012

    Looked liked it would have been a good game, but it froze up alot, and the curser moved very slowly. Along with no sound. 2nd time I tried.. sorry.. wasn't happy. See more See less

  • by kaygem on Feb 27, 2012

    I don't mind challenging games, but I do like at least some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing. Trying to fix the generator I guess the next thing I need was fuel. No hints on where I was supposed to find it. No other locations I could find to look in. With only two locations there weren't a lot of choices about where to look. I gave up. Graphics were nice and the sound's not too bad. I won't be buying this one. See more See less

  • by oakraven on Feb 27, 2012

    IWIN, why have you not sorted out the glitches in this game? Do your clients mean so little to you that you feel justified in ignoring their remarks? You have been informed previously that this game has major glitches and yet they are still in existence. I got as far as being asked to enter my name, which it would not allow me to, and then I had to initiate a hard shut down of my computer. This is very far from being amusing. Allow me to hasten to add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this brand new HP i5 machine so no get out clause for you there. If you continue with this cavalier attitude IWIN, you will find your clients taking their money elsewhere and in this economic climate, I ask you, can you afford this. Beware of downloading this game fellow Gamers. See more See less

  • by zyzyva on Oct 02, 2011

    So frustrating.I quit for now.Can't find everything.I can't get a feel for the game.I like it when the game is smooth at first and then more difficult.I got stuck alot. See more See less

  • by general10 on Sep 21, 2011

    Seems to download without any control for the cursor See more See less

  • by kalama0 on Sep 09, 2011

    this game locked up, I could not even enter my name to start. See more See less

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