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Seven Seas Solitaire

Average Rating 16 player reviews ( 4.4 out of 5.0 )

Show off your solitaire skills as you sail the seven seas!

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Game Description

Your bride-to-be has gone missing, and you’ve been framed for her kidnapping! As a retired naval officer, you now must scour the seven seas to solve the mystery and bring her home. Match cards and fire cannonballs to clear the levels and gather the clues and tools you need to find your darling Elaine. Do you have the skills and the courage to conquer the ocean’s dangers and become a captain of legend? The high seas are rife with the makings of legends: pirates, storms, lost treasure and terrifying monsters abound. After a glorious career in the King’s navy, you were looking forward to a relaxing retirement, and marriage to the beautiful Elaine... until she went missing, and you were blamed. Now, your only hope to reclaim this happy life is to return to the sea once more, to find Elaine and bring her home. Take command of The Falcon and explore over 300 levels, firing cannonballs and matching cards from your choice of 3 beautiful decks as you plunge yourself into the adventure. Put together legendary combos to rack up as much gold as you can, then spend it on over 20 unique upgrades for your ship and your island hideaway. Along the way, you’ll also encounter exciting mini-games to test your luck and skill, and earn awards for your derring-do. There’s never a dull moment when you’re riding the waves; as you sail and swashbuckle your way across the oceans, you’ll discover one surprise after another, recording them all in your captain’s logbook. Between the addictive solitaire action and captivating twists in the plot, this is a game that’s sure to keep you craving just one more level.

-Build your own hide-away
-Play over 30 stages with over 300 levels
-Unlock all 13 awards
-Buy over 20 power ups
-Many mini games
-Gripping story

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  • by pdmorrison on Nov 06, 2013

    sorry to disagree, but this has been done way too many times. I love solitare and pirates, just did not love this game. See more See less

  • by Trudie77 on Jul 02, 2013

    A great solitaire game, and addicting too lol kept saying just one more level See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 01, 2013


  • by boo1024 on Jun 30, 2013

    This was fun until I got stuck. The graphics are really good in this one, story is so unnecessary though. And the first few levels I did great. Then I get to Driftwood Cove. There is like 10 levels in the what they call stage. By the time you have played them all you must have gotten 1 perfect score and 6000 in gold. You start at 0 gold btw, and it's hard to get any good amt. I played the entire 10 levels or the stage over three freaking times! And I still could not meet the goal! They make you restart the entire stage over then. I'd had enough at that point and quit for good. Why do they have to make it so difficult all of a sudden so that you can't clear the level no matter how hard you try? This could have been great if it wasn't for that as they had fun mini games and other little bonuses. But what's the use if you can't clear the level? See more See less

  • by galet09 on Jun 30, 2013

    Though Solitare is not a fave genre or any card games even for me, I have to say this is one of the best ones I've played yet, and played the longest even. It has a lot going for it with little neat tings and bonuses thrown in here and there. liked the mini games too. Graphics are really nice in this. Story a bit long, and quite honsstly I feel that stories shouldn't be a part of a solitare game, and should be kept in HOG's and TM management, my fave genre. But at least you could skip it if you got tired of reading. All in all it keeps you busy and is not boring so far. Haven't finished it yet, but will probably play more. See more See less

  • by keyser13 on Jun 08, 2013

    Great Solitaire game. Graphics are fantastic. Cute story line. Didn't have sound on so can't rate. Played it twice! See more See less

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