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Silent Scream II : The Bride

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Jessica would never imagine that her big day would turn out to be a nightmare...

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Game Description

Jessica would never imagine that her big day would turn out to be a nightmare; they had an accident and Jonathan McNealy, her husband is missing. Things just got more and more bizarre when she encountered a mysterious girl who seemed to be leading her to Jonathan. Jessica had a feeling that the girl was connected to Jonathan. Did she cause the car accident in the first place? Return to the abandoned mansion and search for clues in Silent Scream II : The Bride.

-Re-playable cut scenes
-Engaging mini
-games-Hints/Tips for every puzzle
-Twisted storyline
-Interactive Tutorial-Spooky atmosphere

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  • by rubywine on Jan 09, 2014

    This was a great game. If you're a rabid HO fan,(like me), you will love this game. Plenty of HO scenes, not too easy, not too hard. As for the storyline, well there are some nasty characters. The people who complained about the ending must believe that everyone is a Pollyanna, which we all know is not true of real life. And the ending was not surprising considering the story in general. So go ahead and enjoy! See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Jan 02, 2014

    Great game, I did find the mini games a bit af a brain challenge, but you can skip it after a short time. The graphics were beautiful, the hidden objects are crisp and clear making them easier to find. The storyline is a bit dark, maybe not for nightmare prone children. See more See less

  • by boo1024 on Nov 18, 2013

    Just an average HOG with not much variety to the actual play. Just basically going from different locations to find objects from a list and after doing so, receiving a necessary object needed to advance or perform an action. Plus there were TOO many straight ahead h.o. scenes for my liking. They popped up every time you moved practically. Finally, I can't believe all the users here who actually liked the ending. I thought it quite poor writing that the one we were rooting for as well as feeling sympathetic toward through the whole game, turned out to have had a greedy evil agenda of her own, including murdering someone. That ending to an otherwise good plot basically ruined it for me. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Nov 18, 2013

    This genre is not my fave but I play sometimes due to boredom. An exceptional HOG, this one is not. It falls short. Basically it is just going from one location to the next, and finding a scene working from a list whereby once solve it, you get a tool or something you need to complete an action. The mini puzzles were too tough and the skip button you had to wait awhile. The hints helped but not as good as they could have. This was just an average game and I've played better. See more See less

  • by bluevapo on Jun 08, 2013

    A good game overall. Graphics fair, HOG not hard, puzzles simple - although I did give up on the carrots. Gameplay is straightforward. The storyline does give the impression of being a very old tale rather inexpertly disguised in modern dress. The American bridegroom has royal blood. The American bride goes on her honeymoon wearing full wedding regalia. The honeymoon car is decorated on the outside with bunches of pink flowers that manage not to fall apart at speed. A father, anxious that the title deeds to the Virginia estate don't fall into his spendthrift son's hands, doesn't call in a lawyer, oh no. He entrusts them to an ancient retainer. And while I absolutely loved the ending, it does expose a glaring anomaly, in that the injured and unconscious bride is left in the wrecked car from which her husband has been removed - by teleportation perhaps, because SHE has to break the rear window to get out. But then, there has to be someone to tell the story, doesn't there. See more See less

  • by anonymous on May 26, 2013

    loved this game. hints quick,music just eerie enough.where did the butler go? like how hints showed which direction to go. did not like puzzles, they are not my favourite.what a fabulous ending to the story - keep 'em coming!!! See more See less

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