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Sinister City

Average Rating 21 player reviews ( 3.7 out of 5.0 )

Join a young man on his incredible journey into the mysterious Sinister City

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Game Description

While searching for his kidnapped bride, John arrives in the mysterious Sinister City. Rumored to be overrun with vampies, he finds out that his fiancee has been kindapped by the most powerful vampire in the city, the terrible Count Orlock! Prepare to travel to the astral plane, through ancient castle corridors and many other haunting locales as you help John search for his missing love. Meet Along the way you'll encounter strangers willing to help achieve your goal: a strange, yet kindly hotel clerk, renowned film director Luis Lumiere's grandson, or a noble Transylvanian. Help John save his bride before it's too late!

-Gorgeous graphics
-Plenty of exciting, intriguing levels
-Items and clues to be found
-Unique and challenging puzzles to solve

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  • by keyser13 on Mar 17, 2014

    Didn't care for this game. Lots of running around. When you clicked on a hint it would show you where it was but not take you there. Very dark. Didn't have sound on. Just didn't care for it. See more See less

  • by enia3 on Jul 27, 2012

    i love this game and i love this story.awesome graphics. i whant more games like this one i love vampir games See more See less

  • by cec5 on Jan 29, 2011

    I could not get into the game. The objects were to small. It just drug on nothing fun or exciting about it at all. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 17, 2011

    ok this game is just BORING i mean i've played games like it but this one i mean we have all heard the one with the two lovebirds and the girl get kidnapped it's really getting old graphics pretty good and i don't play with sound on See more See less

  • by lions92 on Jan 17, 2011

    Like everyone stated it was a very short game. I did like the story line. The graphics weren't bad either. Sound well I do not turn the sound because its annoying. Over all game was okay! See more See less

  • by riverwoman2 on Jan 13, 2011

    This game is basic. Slow play, poor graphics and story line and just really boring and has you do things that with no lead in or like for the truth serum no recipe then make it in front of the Count?! Who is going to be duped by it. Don't understand the good reviews?! Wish I hadn't wasted my time. See more See less

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