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Solitaire: Beach Season

Average Rating 3 player reviews ( 3.3 out of 5.0 )

Have a vacation this summer with Solitaire Beach Season!

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Game Description

Solitaire Beach Season is an explosion of fun: vacation, summer, the beach, the sea! The resort of your dreams on tropical beaches and 120 new and unique solitaire levels – an ideal combination for any solitaire fan! Uplifting exotic music and premium-quality graphics in a tropical style will take you away to the resort of your dreams. Want to rest on the shores of the Caribbean sea? Travel to Hawaii and stay in the best spa hotel? Visit a pristine paradise at Bali? Take a cruise and swim in the open ocean? This summer, anyone can be where they dream to spend their vacation. With Solitaire Beach Season, it’s easy!

-Collect gold cards to complete levels and unlock new locations
-12 locations, 120 levels and several difficulty modes
-For daring players, we offer special tasks and over 20 colorful trophies
-Original themed decks and 9 card backs

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  • by bluevapo on Sep 11, 2015

    A pairing game, and as such a good time-waster. There are two awards you can only gain by playing on after you've gone through the 240 levels, which is annoying. There is one peculiarity, presumably not intentional. For no apparent reason, a layout will suddenly complete itself by "finding" all the remaining special cards and giving you a perfect score. It only happened four times, so I never got to work out the how and the why. Unfortunately. May be perfectly random, may even be a download error. See more See less

  • by petecant on Sep 04, 2015

    test test test test test test test test test test test test test test See more See less

  • by alee7383 on Sep 02, 2015

    This type of solitare is not my cup of tea. This is a match solitare not very interesting and there is no story to keep you interested like Quest for Seeta solitare. But there may be those that like this type of solitare. It is a very "relaxing type" if you just want to pass the time and match cards. "Whatever floats your boat." See more See less