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Spooky Mall

Average Rating 29 player reviews ( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

Manage five stores packed with the goods ghosts love!

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Game Description

When do ghosts come out to shop? Midnight! And that's when your shift begins when you play Spooky Mall! Manage five stores packed with the goods ghosts love in this ghoulishly fun time management game.

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  • by anonymous on Sep 25, 2016

    this is a great game with good graphics and easy levels See more See less

  • by AnamonCH on Nov 01, 2014

    A pretty average time management game. The graphics and sounds are very nice, and there's a lot to do over the course of its 100 levels. The upgrades you can buy when doing well make sense and help you perform even better, but I was a bit disappointed that the progression is very linear, and your freedom of choice is limited to the order in which you want to buy things. In the end you'll have everything anyway, so your decisions don't matter much. Also, the game's ending was very underwhelming. Other than that, it's an okay time killer. See more See less

  • by jadedbaby87 on Nov 10, 2013

    I have, in the past, downloaded and redownloaded and played this game twice, for free, and have greatly enjoyed it. However, I went to download it again, and I found that it is no longer a free game? All because some stupid person who also played this game whined about it not being in the All Access. Am I missing something here? It was a FREE game. Meaning that people who have All Access could have easily played this game just as they would have done any other All Access game, right? What about the people who play the Free games? Why should we have to have games taken away because someone wants to be an idiot and complain about something that they can already play, regardless of the section its in? Thanks a lot, Iwin. And thank alot to the idiot that whined about the game. See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Oct 26, 2013

    What a delightful change from all the dark dreary HO games. All the ghosts and ghouls of halloween without the sacrey overtones. The gameplay is smooth and easy to understand, it gets harder as you level up, and it does play like the "supermarket mania" series, race to keep shelves full and customers happy. The graphics were wonderful, with some customers dressed in costume. I do not listen to games, but will not lower the rateings of this game by giving it low marks. Overall this is a great TM game for the whole family, nice halloween theme without traumatizing the youngsters. See more See less

  • by miriambembo on Oct 04, 2013

    I love this game. I like time management games. This is one of the best. Once u get so far in shop u can go to another and then go back. The characters are interesting and get u on your p's and q's. This is the BRST time management game I've ever played. It reminds me of supermarket mania and several others put together. My hats off to the programming genuises that put this together See more See less

  • by Mjahdah on Mar 09, 2013

    I really liked the spin on this game. It was difficult to select certain objects blocked by others but overall entertaining. See more See less

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