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Supercow saves the animal farm in this moo-velous family arcade game.

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  • by moggi12 on Mar 21, 2014

    A great game but the graphics need help a lot! A easy game but Fun See more See less

  • by Flybaby777 on Jan 23, 2013

    Great game! One of my favorites. I like that it uses the mouse, rather than the arrow keys. See more See less

  • by johnathan111 on Nov 16, 2012

    i love this game who don't like this game i don't know wat is wrong with them well this is my top favorite game just rating See more See less

  • by Francesca_Premo on Nov 03, 2012

    My son absolutely loves this game. He has already beat it and just had me download it again! Great Game See more See less

  • by xxUntamedxx on Jun 02, 2012

    Great Game! Good grapics,adventures, and famimly fun! See more See less

  • by gfcjh on May 29, 2012

    review is not valid due to validation errors please rate overall please rate grephic please rate sound See more See less

  • by jazzyJ1122 on May 09, 2012

    i love this game so much like wolf410 said if u like mario you'll like supercow See more See less

  • by runejob on Jan 20, 2012

    i agree its cind of like super mario world but with a cow as mairo and cow coins as... well coins i hope you guys like this game like i do! See more See less

  • by rosemary-shutter on Dec 20, 2011

    i love super cow i love and miss not playing supercow me and my best friends love it See more See less

  • by calista514 on Oct 30, 2011

    Very enjoyable for the whole family. The last level is kind of a letdown,not that difficult to take the villian out. Cute ending though. See more See less