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The Beardless Wizard

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Guide the dewy-eyed Eugene on an epic quest to save his master!

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Game Description

An evil scientist has kidnapped a kind, old wizard! As the magician's young apprentice, you might not have a beard, but don't let that stop you from saving his wrinkled skin! The journey will be fraught with obstacles but also filled with laughs. Take the most important step now: download The Beardless Wizard and begin your next great adventure today!

-Collect magic artifacts and brew potions!
-Become a golem, a dragon, or a ghost - you choose
-Dozens of achievements to earn and secrets to reveal!
-Improve your heroes and become the most powerful wizard of all!
-Over 100 levels to beat - a true challenge for any wizard!

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  • by galet09 on May 08, 2014

    The file size on this is larger than most TM games of this type tho I didn't have any overt problems in actual gameplay except that the loading was a little slow here and there. I played for around 45 minutes. I thought the graphics were pretty good. The game is the typical build the village, task oriented game like Island Tribe, Northern Tale, Roads of Rome etc. Just a little weirder and a tad juvenile and certain things don't make much sense. Like you have berry bushes that produce hamburgers and pumpkin gardens which also produce hamburgers. That's what I mean by a tad juvenile. You also collect mana which you need which just appears here and there. There's a dual switchout button between the apprentice and the ogre who is needed for heavy jobs. But basically you need food, wood, gold etc. to achieve the goals. You can purchase skills, and artifacts as well. If this were All Access I might play more but I am not spending money on it. It's just not that great of a game. See more See less