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The Far Kingdoms

Average Rating 8 player reviews ( 4.9 out of 5.0 )

Help a courageous princess defeat the Dark Witch and save her kingdom!

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Game Description

Help the courageous Princess Arianna save her kingdom and defeat the sinister Dark Witch in this clever combination of hidden object adventure and match-3 gameplay. Use your Royal Amulet and cast magic spells to defeat the dark sorcery of the Witch and rescue your kingdom from the clutches of evil!

-Save the Kingdoms
-Combination of Hidden Object and Match-3
-Make magic spells
-Use your Royal Amulet

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  • by keyser13 on Jan 16, 2014

    Nice game. Has relaxed mode, which I like. Graphics are beautiful. Good story. Match 3. HOG and adventure all together. Didn't have sound on. Can't comment on that. See more See less

  • by galet09 on Jan 04, 2014

    Regarding BiddyCat's comment. She wishes people wouldn't downgrade the game because they don't enjoy it? LOL! That's the whole point Biddy is to give your opinion of the game by your rating and review! But according to you, if you don't enjoy it you're supposed to lie and rate it highly? LMAO! Anyway the game was very good I thought even though I'm not a huge fan of M3. The graphics were visually beautiful and there was a lot to this game. It wasn't just a match 3 with a little hidden object or vice versa. It was balanced beautifully between the two genres. There were other mini puzzles as well. Lots to do so I have trouble understanding how the other user got bored. I haven't finished this yet but will continue to play as I find it beautiful and pretty interesting as well. See more See less

  • by BiddyCat on Dec 04, 2013

    Fun game to play relaxing game. Had no problems, was easy to figure out could have been a little longer. Had a good story line. I wish people would'nt downgrade them because they don't enjoy. Ya have to play it to enjoy it. Hope they come out with new adventures for the princess. Loved the mix up of HOs and match 3 very good. The mini games were fun. Enjoy. See more See less

  • by dtw210992 on Dec 02, 2013

    Awesome HO game! The well written storyline makes you feel as if you are in the story. Great music, fun mini games. The mini games are match 3 which is a nice change from the norm. I loved it and couldn't stop playing until I got to the end. Hope there will be a sequel! See more See less

  • by bigshoe1 on Nov 30, 2013


  • by elizad1 on Nov 30, 2013

    This is a VERY good game. It has a nice combination of match 3 and HOG/adventure. The graphics are nicely detailed and smooth game play. The music is ok, you can always turn that down. I am enjoying the trial very much, may purchase this one. Enjoy! See more See less

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