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The Keepers: Lost Progeny

Average Rating 9 player reviews ( 3.0 out of 5.0 )

Track down your parents!

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Game Description

Track down your real parents in The Keepers: Lost Progeny! After growing up an orphan, a mysterious photo showing your parents arrives! On the back side of the photo is a note with the name of a town, which is where your journey begins. Explore the mysterious town and discover a shocking tale. Are your parents still alive? Why were you separated from them as a child? Find out in The Keepers: Lost Progeny!

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  • by Krimzon on Apr 18, 2012

    great graphics, great sound, great gameplay. HOWEVER - the game description didn't include the fact that this game was about demons. NOT COOL. See more See less

  • by 1topaz1 on Apr 17, 2012

    Not too bad. Kinda the same as most of these type of games. Graphics are great! sound is boring!! Alot of going back and forth which I really don't mind. Not too much hog. The whole game, as far as I got in an hour moved kind of slow. Hints recharge pretty fast. Sometimes a little vague but the game really isn't that hard to figure out. It's not a bad game but too much like alot of the other games. I wouldn't buy it. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 14, 2012

    Excellent! Challenging yet I didn't get stuck on one thing that didn't take only a move or two to figure out... like some games. LOVE IT! See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 14, 2012

    out of the last 7 games i was able to download only 3 of them this was one of them i have plenty of room just takes about 3 hrs to load and then stops thank you again for another failed game See more See less

  • by eaglewingsrn on Apr 14, 2012

    I played the casual mode, which is what I usually do for the free trial time. I was struck immediately with the fact that logic flows nicely as objects are found, despite the back and forth required in HOG's. The ambiance in every scene is appropriate to the storyline, as is the background music. If you are the least bit "superstitious" or repulsed by dark, cult-like imagery, this is not the game for you. The graphics are excellent at every scene and this gives the feel of professional work. In my opinion, this one is a "buy." See more See less

  • by Ute10 on Apr 13, 2012

    I've only played for 30 minutes, andI usually don't use the sound, but I thought the game was pretty good. I don't mind going from one area to another. I didn't have to use the hint button, yet, but I don't think it's super easy. See more See less

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