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The Three Musketeers Extended Edition

Average Rating 14 player reviews ( 3.0 out of 5.0 )

Join d'Artagnan is his quest and find the Queen's jewels!

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Game Description

D'Artagnan leaves his native Gascony to join the Royal Guard of the musketeers in Paris! The journey promises to be eventful for this young and impetuous adventurer. Along the way he meets Athos, Porthos and Aramis, musketeers of King Louis XIII. United by strength, these 4 protagonists set out together on this adventure. Pit your wits against the Machiavellian plans of Cardinal Richelieu, swordfight with your enemies, find the Queen's diamonds and save the honor of France... And at long last, become a musketeer!

- Interactive inventory
- Dynamic and animated game play
- Numerous places to investigate
- 2 Game modes: classic or timed
- Incredible high definition graphics
- Bonus game play

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  • by stephieb1097 on Mar 10, 2013

    WAY too easy! Most of this game was just tedious and dull. At least it made the last hour and a half of work pass by. See more See less

  • by sandrajo59 on Jan 12, 2013

    Too much dialogue. Got stuck at one point since the game would not proceed to the next screen. Very frustrating!! See more See less

  • by windyrain1 on Jan 06, 2013

    Might be an ok game but all I get is a black screen I have to shut dowm my computer to get it closed See more See less

  • by tracyacochran on Jan 06, 2013

    loved the game but once I got to chapter 9 or so it stuck and wouldnt complete. may try redownloading. very disappointed enjoyed what of if I did get to play See more See less

  • by GIZMOQUEEN on Jan 05, 2013

    HDO game? Love them. Dialogue can be entertaining. If it bores you do what I do with all games. Mute the sound/music. You can read faster than they say it. When the words are finished typing hit the arrow till they're done telling you stuff.. Mini games aren't overdone, Little break. Would recommend. See more See less

  • by cln42da87 on Jan 05, 2013

    not what i expected. very boring, too much dialog, and too repetitive. probably a good game for children though. See more See less

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