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The Travels of Marco Polo

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Experience the fantastic jouney of the famed Venetian explorer !

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Game Description

Genoa, 1298. Author Rustichello da Pisa shared his cell with a Venetian captain who spoke of a thousand and one fabulous lands. As a writer, Rustichello could not remain indifferent to the snippets of fabulous stories told by his new friend. He managed to convince him to tell his life story. And that is how Marco Polo, back from 25 years of traveling, began recounting his adventures. From his Genoa prison, the Venetian explorer remembers his travels: Venice, Acre, Jerusalem, Armenia, the Himalayas, all the way to the palace of great Kublai Khan.

-An Historical Point & click Adventure for the entire family
-Travel through exotic lands and meet many historical figures
-Solve complex riddles
-Enjoy the original music of Pierre Estève
-Embark in this story of love and friendship and experience the fantastic journey of the Venetian explorer

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  • by anonymous on Sep 27, 2015

    This game is really unique and enjoyable. It's more fun than your average HOA. The story and gameplay are seamless and interesting. I wanted it to keep going. See more See less

  • by dv6249 on Jun 02, 2015

    At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy this game but actually it's pretty incredible! The game is about Marco Polo (I know) who gets trapped in a prison cell and recounts his travel adventures. The game part comes in with puzzles and hidden objects that all are part of the story. There is no penalty for misclicks so thsoe who hated HO (like me) will like this. The puzzles are slightly challenging and there is a skip and hint button. There are also word hints for the goal you are working on. The story is fascinating as Marco tells his travels, the graphics are pretty decent 3D and the music is mainly middle-eastern and sets the scene. This is well worth a play! See more See less