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The Witch's Green Amulet

Average Rating 23 player reviews ( 2.0 out of 5.0 )

Guide Jessica in her journey by building magical artifacts and finding many hidden objects.

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Game Description

On her way home Jessica finds a fortune teller tent and purchases a beautiful, glowing green medallion. As soon as she shows it to her husband Robert, the magic of the Amulet explodes and steals her husband soul, living him lifeless. Jessica pledges to help Robert and mysteriously wakes up in a new, magical world where she soon realizes the witch has collected many victims. In this lost, magical world she embarks on a journey to free her husband and all the other victims of the cruel witch with the help of lost souls, ghosts and mysterious statues who offer their help hoping to be set free. Guide Jessica in her journey through magic locations by building magical artifacts and finding many hidden objects in beautiful locations as well as solving intriguing mini games and puzzles.

-Amazing rich graphics
-Delightful mini-games
-Engrossing storyline

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  • by anonymous on Jan 14, 2013

    Poor planning for this game. Really needs to be worked on before release thank heaven for free play. See more See less

  • by shallimaraffholder on Jan 12, 2013

    the witches green amulet is very exciting adventure good special effects i like the twists and turns i felt like i was really there alot of fun fantastic game See more See less

  • by bronnyb on Jan 12, 2013

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and found the graphics okay, and although the english was not the best, I found it all added to the charm of the game See more See less

  • by NitaB60 on Jan 11, 2013

    I downloaded this game 3 times trying to get it to work frist time i downloaded it it work fine but when i brought it back up to continue playing it its like it locked up and it wasn't in a full frame so i took it out and downloaded it again and it was the same wouldn't got to full frame and you couldn't get it to continue so i took it out and then i gave it one more try and itstill done the same thing its just a bad game all the way around. See more See less

  • by redbeccaz1 on Jan 09, 2013

    Very poor execution of a game concept. It seems that the developers didn't care enough to try very hard. There are too many instances of poor translation but even worse are the instances of sudden solutions to the game play by the grateful dead (apologies to the band of same name). Instead of writing a solution the devs just fix it. One thing leads to another in ways that make no sense at all. I'd advise against spending any cash on this game and don't waste the time on the download for All Access. See more See less

  • by ramirosgirl on Jan 08, 2013

    This was a very easy game.On one part you can not read the words but other than that it was ok. See more See less

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