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Throne of Olympus

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Help Athena prove that she is worthy of the throne.

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Game Description

Zeus, the king of the Gods, has decided to pass the throne on to the younger gods. After careful consideration, he chose his daughter, Athena. Help Athena prove that she is worthy of the throne as you battle powerful Olympian Gods, mythical creatures, and claim the Throne of Olympus!

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  • by HisChild75 on Oct 04, 2012

    The best part of this game is the graphics. I always turn off sound. The story line is not much of a story, but it makes sense. The problem is that you play the exact same M3 game board every time. No change up. Only the gems differ. Yes they tried to make it more interesting with "casting spells", but by the time you get around to like 12 or 13 gods and their minions (it think it is like a god and 5 minions but I didn't count), it is the same old game time after time after time after time. NEVER ONCE DID I LOSE! I probably should go in and see if there is a hard level to find out if there really is any challenge. Not much instructions. If you win you can pick up a new magic card or an extra 5 life points, but after 8 cards they disappear and you can't go back to find them. No awards. There is a high score page at the end. Just beautiful graphics and some interesting new tricks, but every round is the same. Do this AA don't buy it. See more See less

  • by jay1506 on Jan 04, 2012

    I never play with the music on, but once I began playing today I only stopped to purchase it and eat and now about 12 hours later I have completed the game. This is a first for me. The closest I have come to playing straight thru was with 4 Elements Original version. Yes I loved the game play style, a combination of match 3 and battle against the computer character. My one complaint is that I would like to have been able to read a bio or info about each character as they appeared. This would have made the game more interesting, probably worth 5 stars overall. See more See less

  • by Rachael_Foster on Dec 22, 2011

    this game is quite ok, but it gets a little bit frustrating later on. See more See less

  • by Beautifulspirit43 on Dec 19, 2011

    Definitely a game that could start a series that gaming fans would follow. True, it's not as advanced as PuzzleQuest but then it's not going to confuse a new gamer the way PQ did me a couple years ago. Great graphics, combat based M3, and I can't rate the soundtrack as I always play with muted sound.If it boggs your system, go to options and get rid of the custom curser - did the trick for me. Easy to learn and rapidly advancing skill techniques keep the game from getting boring. At first, I thought the game was based on the book series by Rick Riordan but sadly turned out not so. Keep up the good work developers. Txs iWin for a great All Access game in time to keep kids on Christmas break busy. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Dec 17, 2011

    Graphics are great and overall game is good..but bored after 5 min. Not interested in playing with a computer as an opponent.I feel that is wasied time I need to sit and wait. See more See less

  • by hushpuppy12 on Dec 15, 2011

    Well, I'm surprised that no one else has said this already, but this game is trying to be Puzzle Quest 2. It did not meet and exceed the quality and excitment of PQ2, but it came fairly close. Not sure if it was just my computer, but it did froze for brief moments in between switching from my turn to the computers turn. The names of the spells are identical to the game mentioned previously. So overall, it's just ok, torned over thoughts of if I should buy it or not. Grapics, just ok, some humman like characters and some are droid like. Sound? I turned the music down in order to hear the special effects. It lets me know when I have inflicted damage to my opponent. Game play, well you do the same thing over and over, just like any other game, but this one does not have exciting spells and levels to combat. I'm giving it 2 Stars. See more See less

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