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Trivia Machine Reloaded

Average Rating 8 player reviews ( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

Climb the trivia ladder by answering fun questions!

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Game Description

Start up the Trivia Machine and get those thinking gears spinning! Trivia Machine Reloaded features thousands of trivia questions across nine fun categories including TV, Movies, Sports, History, Literature and more. With questions ranging from easy to expert in each round, Trivia Machine Reloaded is the perfect game for trivia players of all levels—from the newbies to the know-it-alls! You’ll use strategy and trivia knowledge to work your way up the trivia ladder. Feeling confident? Try answering the Expert questions to move up the ladder quicker. Does slow and steady win the race? Then take your time and go for the easy questions. You can change your strategy with each round—it’s up to you! Your trivia expertise will shine in the bonus Lightning Rounds and you’ll earn fun special achievement awards as you reach new milestones. Trivia Machine Reloaded — get ready to show what you know!

-Thousands of fun trivia questions!
-Multiple categories and difficulty levels
-Exciting Lightning rounds!
-Earn fun achievements!

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  • by anonymous on May 21, 2013

    i love this game i wish i can play it every other day See more See less

  • by 1topaz1 on May 07, 2013

    I have only played one round so far but I'm just going to rate this now. If you like trivia This is really fun! It's something you can start and stop when you want and you acctually have to think about things instead of just looking for them, ha ha! I like both but I think it's fun picking up little pieces of information even if it won't be something on your next test! See more See less

  • by anonymous on Apr 27, 2013

    Ok, susanluce. It is a GREAT game. Fun, just challenging enough to NOT be boring! Don't listen to her if you are not sure about downloading this game. It's cool. And, I learned a few things I never KNEW before. SO, i'ts also a bit educational! See more See less

  • by alee7383 on Apr 03, 2013

    For those that like to get their brains working this is an excellent game. I never have music on so I cannot rate that. Those of you who are into Trivia I believe you will enjoy this one, I did. See more See less

  • by susanlucen on Apr 03, 2013

    SERIOUSLY!! This had to be one of the most boring games I have ever played. The only reason I have given it the rating I did was so I could put the review on. Total pass on this one after 13 minutes. See more See less

  • by ppvjeep on Apr 03, 2013

    A typical trivia game with questions from around the world and around the ages. As you progress through the levels, the point scale gets more challenging to accomplish. Good game. Interesting considering iwin is mainly HO games. See more See less

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