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Only you hold the key to finding a way out!

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Game Description

When an exciting excursion goes terribly wrong, Jake, a marine geologist, finds himself on a journey of survival in this adventurous Match-3 twist. Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, he quickly discovers he is not alone. Join other captives in their quest for freedom as they reveal the evil secrets possessing this puzzling paradise. Help Jake unlock necessary tools, collect resources, rescue spellbound wildlife and break a wicked curse, or become the island’s next victim. Join other captives in their quest for freedom as you reveal the evil secrets possessing this puzzling paradise. Only you hold the key to finding a way out!

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  • by BiddyCat on Aug 10, 2013

    This was an awesome match three. The screen moves so you can get around to destroy squares. Each game has a reason and it gives you pages for the book, so you can understand what and why he is trying to get off Island. Took me days and late nights but I finished it. Good ending. Enjoyable game . See more See less

  • by boo1024 on Dec 22, 2012

    I thought this game was crap. Listen, I am not a big fan of Match 3 but I have liked some than others. This falls in the other category imo. I got as far as the tutorial level which lets you know that it's one of these you have to search for the exit. No thank you. Worse they won't let you press the menu button to escape. It's like they are saying, ha ha, you're not going anywhere until we finish this tutorial! That will teach you for downloading our silly game! Nya ha ha! I mean truly I had to press ctrl alt delete and close the program. Any game that can't give the choice of their tutorial or at least let you quite the game during it, is crap in my book. See more See less

  • by Grami66 on Jul 17, 2011

    i agree with most everyone. i like, tkoppelman played the game and bought it after the first level. not boring, but sometime frustrating trying to get to the end. i sometimes go round and round looking for the exit. i really like this game! See more See less

  • by ppvjeep on Jul 11, 2011

    Good match 3 game. Use a raft and key to complete levels. Difficult to maneuver across the board. At least it's something other than a HOG or TM game. See more See less

  • by Tracy_Marie on Apr 30, 2011

    Love it! Bought it immediately trial was done. Usually get bored w/ M3 but this almost maze version is just different enough... LONG GAME! WOW! Got my money's worth. Over 33 hours worth of play and I haven't done frenzy mode yet! Fun! See more See less

  • by cancer1967 on Apr 27, 2011

    A very refreshing game with great colors and found it to be relaxing to play, a good game in all See more See less

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