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Virtual Families 2

Average Rating 17 player reviews ( 3.6 out of 5.0 )

Renovate, decorate your house and pass it on to the next generation in this long awaited sequel!

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Game Description

Adopt a little person from the thousands of choices of little people who live inside your computer. Help them choose a mate, and start a family! Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries. Expand and renovate the house into your Dream House and shop for tons of items: make a nursery, a music room or even a game room! Help your little person get through the challenges of life and shape their personalities with all sorts of upgrades, from psychotherapy to career counseling and many more! Along the way, there will be many different random events to respond to, all of them adding unexpected elements to the daily routine of life.

-Expand and renovate the house
-Customize each room and build your dream house
-Shop from tons of items in the store
-Upgrades for your little people: psychotherapy, career counseling, hire a maid and many more!
-Adopt a little cat or dog or little furry companion for your virtual people.
-And much, much more!

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  • by RachelsSea on Sep 13, 2014

    The game is really fun but unfair. It takes to long to improve you little people. And they die to fast, And look really nasty when they get old. 4 Hour reload is too long for the flea market. Who has 8 hours a day just to see what's new in flea market. Then they take away your kinds to school and never give them back. See more See less

  • by RLGreene on May 26, 2014

    Played this game for over 2 months at the beginning of the year and liked it. But it took too long to earn money to upgrade rooms and furniture. I eventually got rid of all my little people will try again later. May be they will come out with a VF 3 with better ways to deal with the upgrades. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Dec 27, 2013

    How do I contact tech support to let them know this game won't play. It appears to download okay but an error message says not available on all access. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jul 02, 2013

    At first I didn't think I would like this game. But now, I have been playing it every day for over 2 months. I have 5 families going and some are in their 10th generation. I even got so attached to one of the little people, Aipad, that I cried when she died. Seriously. I am not sure why this game is so addictive but it is. It's great for relaxing and not for the impatient. I tried Virtual Villages. Didn't like those. Way too much going on. I wish they would make a VF 3. I used to play a new HOG game every day now I only play this game. I would recommend it for anyone looking for something to help with relaxing. See more See less

  • by spotsmom on Jul 02, 2013

    I love this game! But I had it over at pogo and moved over here. Deleted it from pogo and downloaded it here..I can't get it to play...So dissapointed. Maybe tech support will help. But it is a "Poor mans" sim...But a great game! If you can get it to work give it a try I think you'll like it as much as I did! See more See less

  • by sophiegreenhalgh on Jul 02, 2013

    i hink they should let you play the whole games for free as the second out See more See less

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