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Voyage to Fantasy - Part 1

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 2.3 out of 5.0 )

The first part of a brand new super challenging hidden object game!

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Game Description

The first part of a hidden object game unlike any you’ve played before: featuring 135 varied and challenging levels! The stories, tales and legends have become trapped in black holes. It's urgent! Fantasy is gradually fading out of our collective memory. Take up the challenge and embark on a Voyage to Fantasy, a strikingly beautiful hidden object game.

-Play 135 challenging and amazing hidden object scenes!
-Incredible graphics!
-Enthralling story
-Embark on a Voyage to Fantasy!

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  • by alee7383 on Jul 11, 2014

    This game is very easy, very. But it is relaxing and the scenes are really nice. But when you play the "list" of things to find they are too slow to bring them up. It is a good game for beginers. Seasoned HOer's might find this too slow or not enough action. Me, I don't care for games that play it for you, like stratagy guides, walkthroughs etc. I like to play a game with my own brain. Try it out, with your kids. See more See less

  • by Meldandy on Jul 10, 2014

    The graphics are clear, if you know what you are looking for. Some discrepancies between the names and pictures of objects, for instance, a sickle and a machete are not remotely similar. The sound is not distracting. Those are the good points. Timed HOG with minimum points requirements. What a nightmare! My blood pressure rose 10 points for every level. If that is your cup of tea, by all means, have at it and good for you. See more See less

  • by blueivory on Jul 10, 2014

    would rate this game a zero but that isn't available. Tried to open it and got the message that said, caught, unhandled unknown exception, terminated. So I just uninstalled hopeing I didn't pick up a bug. Gotta do better than this iwin! See more See less

  • by tjberr141 on Jul 10, 2014

    I might like this game if I was 8 years old, instead of an adult who pays good money to have all access. See more See less