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Weird Park: Scary Tales

Average Rating 14 player reviews ( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

Rescue children trapped in a frightening fairytale world!

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Game Description

Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley are back in an all-new adventure that will take you through the dark corners of history's most famous fairytales to rescue children trapped in a frightening netherworld! Louis is up to his old tricks as he casts each child in the role of a legendary fairytale character and then creates the visually stunning but twisted worlds in which their stories will play out. Using your powers of observation to find hidden objects and intellect to solve well-crafted puzzles, you will make your way through the stories of Cinderella, Peter Pan, Aladdin and more, releasing the children only to see Mr. Dudley appear and then spirit them away to the clown's tower. While you'll face many other challenges, each step will take you closer to your climactic showdown with Louis, so there will be no turning back. With its spellbinding story, extraordinary atmosphere and stunning cinematics, Weird Park: Scary Tales is an instant hidden object classic!

-59 locations
-26 mini-games
-18 HOG scenes
-Unlimited hints and tips
-Learn-as-you-play tutorial

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  • by rubywine on Oct 02, 2014

    Loved this game! The best of the best. Amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, hints and skips worked great, eerie music, and intriguing storyline. I'll be playing this one again. Can't wait to play the follow-up to this. Thanx iWin! See more See less

  • by RachelsSea on Sep 11, 2014

    This game was a lot of scary fun. It had a really cool story line.and the puzzles were really fun. But in my opinion it had too many object puzzles. I enjoyed the conversations between characters too. Rachel See more See less

  • by Bollixed on Nov 15, 2013

    Top notch hidden object came with almost 5 solid hours of game play. Hidden objects are standard point and click, with one double action item in each list. They are bright and clearly detailed so that even small objects are easily found. The graphics are excellent, with speech actually matching up to the characters lips - a definite rare occurance in games lately and Mr. Dudley (the jester doll) is an absolute hoot. I laughed almost everytime he was on the screen. Puzzles range from easy to frustrating, and I was forced to use the skip button more times then I liked (but no worries, no penalties for using it.) There's no map, which was my biggest problem with the game, and keeping track of tasks proved to be a little difficult, especially with all the back and forth the game required. My advice, keep a pencil and piece of paper handy. The last half hour to hour of gameplay felt a little lazy and was almost too easy, but all in all, it is a definite 5 star game! See more See less

  • by lormek on May 26, 2013

    Good long game lots of back and forth. Search an entire area properly, make note of everything that you need to do or have when the hour glass appears so that when you locate an item it will be easier to go back and perform the task at that particular location. Awesome graphics sound not really annoying. Definitely a game for your collection See more See less

  • by keyser13 on Apr 25, 2013

    Good game. Graphics are great. Did use the hints button alot. If you don't know which way to go you can use the hints and it will tell you but you won't lose the hint. Mini games can be skipped. Some of them are a little confusing. Didn't have sound on. Wish they would have had a map to click on. See more See less

  • by jschnarre on Apr 20, 2013

    This was a fun game. A little creepy at times, but not too bad. The story is great and when you get stuck the help is good. Not a hard game to play as most items make sense to where they go. See more See less

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