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Where Are My Pipes

Average Rating 2 player reviews ( 3.5 out of 5.0 )

It's beaver versus pipes! Only you can undo the chaos and damage!

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Game Description

It's a battle for the ages - beaver verses pipes! This furry troublemaker has disrupted your water supply, leaving bites in all of the pipes. Now your house has no water at all!

You'll need to solve some very tricky and complex logic puzzles and put all the pipes back together. Show that furry little guy who's boss and restore the flow of water to your house! Defeat the beaver and repair all the pipes!

-45 challenging levels
-Tricky logic puzzles
-Funny, memorable characters
-18 trophies to unlock
-Fun, colorful cartoon graphics!

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  • by AscensionTC on Jun 01, 2014

    Not a bad game! Simple, passes the time well. The only problem I have with it, is at the beginning, the tutorial is heavy, then it drops off with no further explanation. I could have benefited from a few more 'ideas' to enhance game play. Also, once you finish the chapter, it doesnt seem to want to increase your end game achievement if you run through a second time. Just a few nit-pick issues, but i've not unloaded the game yet! See more See less

  • by blueivory on May 15, 2014

    Actually not a bad game to pass the time once you get the hang of it. Reminds me of the old "pipes" game from over a decade ago. Takes a little time to learn what to do and where things fit, but definately not a bad game. It's a keeper for all access but not sure I'd buy it. See more See less