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World Mosaics 7

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 4.8 out of 5.0 )

Help recover the Sand from the Hourglass of Time and stop a rogue agent!

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Game Description

A shadow criminal has stolen the Sand within the Hourglass of Time from the Agency of Atlantis. Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel the globe in search of a rogue agent. Repair the fabric of time as you travel to the Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, the Amazon, and many more exciting locales. Play 100 puzzles in Story Mode, and then solve another 150 Bonus Puzzles. Test your skills with 3 Star challenges. 3 Star every puzzle by completing it without making a single mistake or using a hint. It's up to you to solve the puzzles and stop the rogue agent in World Mosaics 7!

-100 Story Mode Puzzles
-Relaxing gameplay with no time limit
-150 Bonus Puzzles
-3 Star puzzles by making no mistakes and using no hints!
-Over 20 hours of gameplay

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  • by bluevapo on Nov 25, 2013

    The franchise for this game seems to have changed hands. While the puzzles are better than ever, the same can't be said for the text. Whoever wrote the storyline has a poor grasp of English. The storyline is weak and not well-put-together. Worse still, the writer seems to have no idea of what the Irish Famine was about (not a potato in sight, and has anyone ever been able to grow maize in Ireland?) Australia is equally bad - labyrinthine tunnels below Sydney's gaol in 1788 is just the beginning. What a pity no-one has ever seen them since! I dare say some of the other locations are just as bad - I have my suspicions about South Africa for a start. Granted that we don't play this game for the storyline, it's a pity the writers didn't take more care with the peripherals. See more See less

  • by pdmorrison on Nov 21, 2013

    Great game as always. These mosiac puzzles are thr best I have ever played. The gameplay is simple to execute, but not always to figure out. If you want your brain cells to get a great workout, and be filled with historic stories this is totally the game for you. These are some of the best games to come along in a long time, I own three of them and would love to complete the series, they are just that good. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Nov 20, 2013

    As always, the best mosaic games created. However, designers take care. This edition has an issue with the contrast between the puzzle and the background art. For example, check first location and Indonesia. Background image that is mostly blue or gray really makes discernment of solved squares difficult since they all kind of blend in together. Other than that excellent! See more See less

  • by sxymom4460 on Nov 20, 2013

    I really love these puzzles. I am glad to see another one and hope that there are more in the near future. See more See less