iWin presents Jewel Quest® Solitaire III

SAN FRANCISCO – March 11, 2009
iWin, Inc., a leading developer and publisher of online casual games, today announced the launch of Jewel Quest® Solitaire III, an exciting new installment in the hugely popular Jewel Quest® franchise.
In Jewel Quest® Solitaire III, Rupert and Emma's friend, Ratu, discovers a valuable tablet in the ruins of an ancient civilization. Little does Ratu know that this find is just the beginning.  When his beloved assistant, Yumi, is inexplicably abducted, Ratu is propelled into a perilous game of cat-and-mouse with Yumi’s treacherous captors.
Unlike most downloadable solitaire games, Jewel Quest Solitaire III uses the Klondike mechanic which is arguably the most classic solitaire game in the world. 
“What’s unique about Jewel Quest Solitaire III, “says lead producer, Jacob Rohrer, “is that we were able to grab the key elements of Klondike Solitaire and seamlessly blend them in with new, captivating gameplay, making for a solitaire unlike anything that has ever been in the casual games market to date.”
Adds Executive Producer Peter Traugot, “People who love playing Klondike, will love the power-ups! X-ray vision for unplayed cards, re-shuffling of your stockpile, Wild cards and the ability to ‘unbury’ blocked cards… you never know how your game will turn out!”
In addition to the unique elements of the actual solitaire gameplay, Jewel Quest Solitaire III also gives its players two different types of interstitial play.  Borrowing from its namesake, Jewel Quest, between every round of cards, the player is given the opportunity to play a classic Match 3 jewel board.  A new element in the Jewel Quest Solitaire has also been introduced.  In the Artifact Room, players must find hidden objects and put them in their appropriate place in the room based on a series of intriguing logic puzzles.  Once the relics are revealed and placed in their proper order, the player will receive the final clue which will lead them to the elusive emerald.
Jewel Quest Solitaire has 100 Levels of play, 10 gorgeous environments, a fabulous match-3 experience, compelling story and a mystery to solve, giving avid solitaire players more in a single solitaire game than they could ever dream of.

Jewel Quest Solitaire III is currently exclusively available from iWin.com where it can be downloaded with a 60 minute free trial. Customers of iWin's iCoins service can purchase all games for up to 65 percent off, in addition to receiving exclusive discounts on other iWin games.  Jewel Quest®, Jewel Quest® II, Jewel Quest® Solitaire and Jewel Quest® Solitaire II are available entirely for free at http://www.iwin.com/download/InGameAds-games.

About iWin, Inc.:
iWin is a leading publisher and developer of online casual games for the mass market. The company operates iWin.com and offers over 700 download games, multiplayer games and ad-supported games provided entirely free to the end user. As a multi-platform publisher of casual games, iWin provides extensive resources, financing, marketing, and distribution services to independent game developers throughout the world. iWin received the most game nominations in 2007 by the Casual Games Association, making it the #1 casual game publisher of hit titles. Additionally, iWin’s Jewel Quest II won the 2007 Zeeby for Best Puzzle Game of the Year.  iWin has offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Kiev, Ukraine. Visit iWin at http://www.iwin.com.

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