Super Rewards’ Virtual Currency Platform Empowers iWin with
Industry’s Highest Degree of Control Over its Advertising Offers

BURLINGAME, Calif. – June 17, 2009 – Super Rewards, the largest virtual currency monetization platform for online games and social networks, today announced iWin, Inc. has selected Super Rewards to help monetize the game portal of free downloadable and multiplayer games.  iWin, a leading online casual games publisher and developer for the mass market with millions of monthly users, has rolled out its monetization solution with the first social gaming world aimed at the casual game audience, Hotel iWin.  Within Hotel iWin, users can earn Opals, a virtual currency, by filling out offers powered by Super Rewards’ offer managed platform embedded within the game.  The users can spend their Opals on a variety of goods to adorn their avatars or to personalize their virtual hotel rooms.

The iWin and Super Rewards partnership is a winning combination for both companies, end users, and advertisers alike.  Users now have an easier, alternative way to purchase their avatar and room accessories, including wildly popular pets, friends, animated backgrounds, family members, and gardening items. Super Rewards and iWin benefit from increased user engagement, which drives significant advertising revenue for both companies to share.  Advertisers benefit by having a much less obtrusive and more effective way to engage users over longer periods of time than traditional CPM advertising.    

“Our partnership with iWin represents continuous expansion of our leadership in social network games to top, standalone gaming sites, portals and virtual worlds,” said Jason Bailey, chief executive officer and co-founder of Super Rewards.  “Any developer working with virtual goods or virtual currency should contact Super Rewards because we have the easiest, most efficient and highest performing monetization platform in the marketplace today.”

At any given moment, there are thousands of simultaneous players engaged in the iWin game hub’s virtual economy.  With Super Rewards, all of these iWin users will now have a simple, but powerful new way to earn virtual currency allowing them to stay more engaged in the social world.  And iWin has used Super Rewards’ tools to dynamically filter the right offers at the right time, leading to a higher level of customer engagement over a longer period of time. 

“We’re excited about the new level of engagement Super Rewards provides to our user base,” said Nathan Fahrenthold, Senior Producer for Hotel iWin. “We now have a more reliable way to easily increase the lifetime value of our users through more precise, automated filtering of relevant offers and a more robust overall user experience.”


About Super Rewards
Super Rewards is the largest provider of monetization solutions for online games and social networks. The Super Rewards turnkey solutions deliver highly targeted advertising offers to millions of Web site and social network users. The platform seeks to maximize revenues for developers while increasing engagement for users of any Web site, game, or application through additional points, credits, tokens, coins or chips, etc. Super Rewards has offices in Burlingame, Vancouver, and New York. For more information, visit

About iWin, Inc.
Founded in 2001, iWin is a leading publisher and developer of online casual games for the mass market. The company operates, is visited by millions of customers every month and offers hundreds of downloadable games, multiplayer games and ad-supported games provided entirely free to the end user. As a multi-platform publisher of casual games, iWin provides extensive resources, financing, marketing, and distribution services to independent game developers throughout the world. iWin received the most game nominations in 2007 by the Casual Games Association, making it the #1 casual game publisher of hit titles. iWin has offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Kiev, Ukraine. Visit iWin at


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