iWin, Inc. to acquire Jenkat Games (June 23, 2015)

(San Francisco, California – June 23, 2015) – iWin, Inc., iWin, Inc. today announced it has agreed to acquire JenkatGames.com, one of the leading free PC download casual game websites. The Jenkat Games Arcade has been installed over 10 million times and the site has reached over 8 million unique users in the last 12 months.

The Jenkat Games acquisition represents iWin’s third acquisition of casual game properties in the last 2 years thus, demonstrating iWin’s firm commitment to bringing our best of breed game solution to a much wider audience. iWin has produced a broad casual game offering that includes the distribution and monetization of PC downloadable games and our more recent investment into HTML5 games where we now have an expansive catalog of over 250 games. In addition to being a distributor of HTML5 games, iWin has also created 15 original games in the last 6 months including our popular games Jewel Quest, Deal or No Deal and Bubble Town. Jenkat Games large install base and monthly unique users, gives iWin another channel to engage with passionate gamers.

iWin manages the PC download service for Yahoo, MSN and Pogo along with iWins owned sites which include iWin.com, Iplay.com, and Download-Free-Games.com. With the addition of Jenkat Games, iWin’s reach now exceeds 4 million monthly active gamers.

“Jenkat Games and iWin have been partners since 2007 and we have been very impressed with the scale that they have achieved with limited resources and capital” said CJ Wolf, CEO of iWin. “We are confident that we can continue to entertain their audience by introducing their player base to iWin’s expansive product offering.”

“Jenkat Games could not have found a better home than iWin,” said Malcolm Michaels, CEO of Jenkat Games. “Our fans love games and iWin will provide them with even more free games, the latest and greatest casual games, and a wonderful selection of the best HTML5 games available.”

About iWin, Inc.

iWin is an innovative, cross platform publisher and distributor of casual games for the mass market. As a game publisher, iWin has created award winning games including Jewel Quest, Bubble Town and Jewel Quest Mysteries, as well as, licensed IP like Deal or No Deal and 1 vs 100. As a game distributor, iWin provides a full suite of gaming solutions to Pogo, Yahoo, MSN, and AT&T. iWin also owns direct to consumer sites including iWin.com, Iplay.com and Download-Free-Games.com.