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Charm Solitaire

Average Rating 6 player reviews ( 4.2 out of 5.0 )

A charming puzzle solitaire game.

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Game Description

Restore the memory of a magical kingdom in this exciting twist on solitaire from the creators of Charm Tale. Armed with only a deck of cards, it's up to you to bring the fantasy land back to life. Arrange classic playing cards on the board following one simple rule: place cards next to another one with a value of one less or one greater, regardless of the suit. It's easy to learn and play, but saving the day is another matter altogether.

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  • by galet09 on Jul 03, 2013

    Game is horrid! I was in for 30 seconds. Everything is smaller and the cards move around? Plus I don't understand why they don't have one of the two most popular types Klondike and Tri Peaks. A dud. See more See less

  • by Theresa_Reno on Mar 29, 2013

    Love the gameplay. Great graphics. Excellent sound See more See less

  • by iraf on May 27, 2012

    love the game it is a bit challanging but very nice graphics though, one thing i don't understand i have a windows 2000 that i got for free and originally bought from another site, that game refuses to load get some error messages but for some unknown reason this game plays ok on i win games don't really understand why will be purchasing this game next month. See more See less

  • by bizz1956 on May 21, 2011

    I found this game boring! There is no challenge! Always the same thing! See more See less

  • by fairyfortune on Aug 09, 2010

    This game is great, good graphics, interesting playing for every scene. Addicting, cause yuou want to open all of the screen, never want to finish it. Enjoyed it a lot, hope to find it at "free games" soon. See more See less

  • by aresea on Apr 17, 2010

    I am not sure as to why no one has commented on this wonderful solitaire game. It is challenging. It is rewarding. It is fun and relaxing, too. I wish I knew about it long before now. See more See less

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