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Magic Cards Solitaire

Average Rating 4 player reviews ( 2.0 out of 5.0 )

Enter the magical world of Knoxford the Sorcerer!

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Game Description

During an unsuccessful experiment a small, unfortunate elf fell out of one of Knoxford the Sorcerer's many books. Her sole wish is to return into her book, but first she must go on many adventures. Enter the magical world of Knoxford the Sorcerer! Play your way through many exciting levels of Solitaire and experience many adventures in this mystical world full of secrets. In order to master all the challenges you must collect hidden items. Find as many magical artifacts as you can which will be of great help during your journey, win valuable trophies and solve thrilling riddles!

-A great variety of magical Solitaire fun due to the combination of the popular card game with a mystical story
-Play many challenging and thrilling levels in various regions of the mysterious world
-Win trophies for successfully finished levels
-Master all kinds of hidden-objects and bonus games
-Find powerful artifacts

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  • by YaellesAFrigginNut on May 15, 2016

    Very poor game in all ways. I am so glad I didnt buy this. Tried it on another site once and just as what happened on the copy from here, it started out poorly when I was unable to enter my first name because it didnt recognize the letter Y. And it didnt get any better from there. See more See less

  • by anonymous on Jan 14, 2015

    game looked great but did not load properly. had letters and numbers running up and down screen. to bad See more See less

  • by alee7383 on Jan 13, 2015

    Sorry but the game did not load properly. It came up with a white blank page with a black retangle square in the left hand corner of the screen. I clicked on the page, and then a bunch of white retangle squares appeared and nothing. I had to shut down my computer and reboot. This has happened more then once, and when I try to tell the techs about it, I get no answer. I assure you it is not my computer, it is your games. See more See less

  • by DracoXXX13 on Jan 10, 2015

    its the same format plus sounds and game play as the eygptian solatare is and has the same slugishness to it as well only things that diffrent is the back ground i rate it a 5 star at least it plays i can say that much for it See more See less