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Mystic Journey - TriPeak's Solitaire

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This game is filled not only with aces, cowboys and jokers!

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Game Description

This game is filled not only with aces, cowboys and jokers! You will set out in a captivating journey of a pilot girl, Mary, who ended up unconscious on a mystic island after the airplane crash. Mary is about to visit the dark corners of her mind in order to return to the living.

Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire
is a captivating card solitaire game that combines in itself strategy, attention span and brain responsivity. The aim of the game is to gather all cards from the table by picking a card one rank lower or higher than the one from your deck. 

-  Simple but exciting gameplay
-  Tons of levels to play
-  Variety of boosters and bonuses
-  Additional unusual cards

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  • by thistle809 on Jan 22, 2017

    The graphics are clear, you can adjust the volume of music, ambient sounds and sound effects and there is no timer so it gets two stars from me. Those are the positive features I found. The annoying/negative ones far outnumbered those, in my view. You are not given an opportunity to enter your name when the game launches. The only way to accomplish that is to exit after you are forced through the Tutorial, click on the "Player" at the top of the screen and "Create" your profile. That, however, begins everything (including the Tutorial that you have no option to stop) again. You must remove every card on the board or use stars that you have accumulated to purchase additional cards to continue playing the hand or "End the Hand" and replay it. You will find your resources to purchase those extra cards exhausted rather rapdily, thank you very much. Replaying a hand now and then is not a terrible thing, but it soon becomes the norm and more than one replay is also the order of the day. See more See less