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Solitaire for Dummies

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Learn and master 10 different Solitaire games.

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Game Description

Whether you're tired of playing the same ol' Solitaire on your computer or you want to know the true meaning of the term tableau, Solitaire For Dummies is your ticket to the perfect stack of cards. Learn and master 10 different Solitaire games through 3 fun and easy modes: How To, Practice, and Play. You can refine your skills in classic Solitaire games like Klondike, Pyramid, Scorpion, Penguin, Free Cell, Canfield, Yukon, Monte Carlo, Accordion and Golf, or discover new talents in other games like Penguin. When you learn from a Dummy, you will never have to redeal a game!

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  • by dewasaja on Nov 19, 2012

    game is great its better than Jewel Quest solitare 2 i,ve been stuck on that game for 3 years at level 7-4 but i cannot figure the combination out if anyone knows it it will be helpful or a clue See more See less

  • by Jeanna1914 on Feb 06, 2011

    I did the 60 minute trial and was disapointed when my time ran out. Jewel Quest solitaire is the only free option and it doesn't compare. See more See less

  • by honk1 on Mar 10, 2010

    I fyou are new to various versions of solataire this game is perfect for you and your family. For children it helps to build logic and improve attention skills. For us adults it gives us an opportunity to learn many of the various games of saolatiare in the provacy of our homes. The instructions are simple and basic. It even offers a quiz at the end of each instruction to see if you understood them. Then it allows to a practice game or several. As you improve you can play the game over and over again. Remenber this is an instruction game and the actaul games. You getmany choices in this game. Of course if you already know the different games then you can can go straight to the game play. This one would be great for the children also. See more See less