Adventures of Megara: Demeter's Cat-astrophe - Collector's Edition

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Help Megara get back Demeter's grace which has been ruined by a hungry kitten

Publisher JetDogs

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Game Description

In gratitude for a rich harvest, the residents of Hellas decided to arrange a holiday devoted to the goddess Demeter and present her with a basket full of food. Demeter could be grateful for such a tribute but there was a hungry kitten walking in front of the temple... Having seen the basket, the kitten jumped into it, devoured all the donations and left crumbs and bones for Demeter. When the goddess saw the leftovers, she got angry at people and decided to punish them. All forces of nature seemed to turn against Helladians; the towns started to swarm with dangerous monsters, the earth let out evil roots and underground plants. Who is that hero who can solve the acute situation, take a look at the eyes of the enraged goddess of fertility and regain Demeter’s grace towards Hellas? That hero is Hercules’ future wife – the young Megara!

- Check out the story about heroic adventures of Megara before she met Hercules!
- Play 56 thrilling levels and bonus puzzles
- Dive into magical atmosphere of Ancient Greece
- Meet gods, fanciful monsters, mythological characters, and a cute kitten
- Learn how young Megara looked like
- Enjoy stunning full HD graphics!
- Build, fight, think strategically and win!

Collector's Edition Features:
- Bonus chapter and levels
- Strategy guide
- Beautiful wallpapers

Download size: 450 MB

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