Before I Forget

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A woman is alone in her home, and her head is filled with a mystery...Before I Forget..

Publisher Plug In Digital

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On the keyboard, a mournful motif. A two-year-old torn calendar. The smell and flavour of stale air. A woman is alone in her home, and her head is filled with a mystery... You are Sunita, a lady who has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. As you move from room to room, you'll come across odd items, each containing a sliver of a memory. Examine fading postcards, handwritten notes, pictures, and other items to learn more about Sunita's background, life storey, and present.

- Short & Sweet: Before I Forget is a short narrative gem,it’s designed to be experienced in one sitting.
- Story Rich: Sunita’s house is a treasure-trove of faded memories. The game-world of Before I Forget is expressive, detailed, and rich with backstory, taking you on a profound emotional journey.
- Original Soundtrack: Elegant piano melodies guide you through Sunita's internal and external worlds.

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