Brightstone Mysteries

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Help Bridget Brightstone, a New York City detective in Brightstone Mysteries

Publisher Cateia Games

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Game Description

Bridget Brightstone, a New York City detective, has traveled to France to solve the case of a missing necklace. Her investigation, however, is about to yield far more than she bargained for! Investigate the luxury hotel, which was built on the ruins of a medieval Templar castle. But be aware that not everyone in there is motivated to assist your investigation. In this mysterious puzzle adventure game of exploration and investigation, search the castle's dangerous shadow lands and assist the detective in stopping the evil rising from its grave!

- FEELS like you are playing an interactive thriller novel!
- HELP young NYPD detective investigate the mysterious case
- EXPLORE the mystical old castle and its surroundings
- VISIT dozens of locations
- FIND clues and helpful HIDDEN OBJECTS
- SEARCH the "underworld" and discover the supernatural
- CONFRONT the ancient Egyptian cult
- SOLVE different mini-games
- EARN achievements
- 3 DIFFICULTY MODES: casual, adventure, challenging

Download size: 480 MB

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